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    There isn't that much pain...nothing that can't be controlled with panadol and a hot water bottle (and I didn't even need those).

    Have a read through the threads that are here - you'll find a load of information.


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      When I went thru IVF, my knees were knocking together at the theatre door, I was a mess!!
      Do you know what ?? It was nothing, honestly.
      My donor said the same thing, exactly, .

      You are a lovely person to even consider being a donor so don't let that put you off. Just read all you can, there is lots to learn, .



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        I didn't have much pain at all. When I did get some cramping afterwards I just drank more water and went to bed.


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          One of the big issues for me with donor (and we had donor sperm) is that we cannot on-donate the frozen blasties.


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            Elmtree - from what I have heard, it seems to depend a great deal on the clinic and even your specialist....some clinics say no straight out, others pussy-foot around the issue and a few have no trouble....


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              Hi Earlybirbabies,

              All of the Donors costs are met by the recipients, including any medical or hospital costs for EPU.

              Ogilberry, you are an amazing person who understands so well what it is like to wear the other shoe of infertility

              X Milley


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                Thanks for the info, has been an interesting read. I have been thinking about this more and more.


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                  You are welcome's great that there are people reading this information. Even if they don't want to donate, it's important that the stigma is removed...


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                    I don't understand the stigma, it's not anything i really question, if someone needs eggs and i have them, why not give them to someone else?


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                      That's the feeling of every woman who donates, V8...I have something that I'm not using anymore and you need, so you can have some!

                      There is a stigma - recipients made to feel by family/friends/work collegues that the baby isn't theirs, donors parents who claim that the donor has given their grandchildren away, neighbours who loves to gossip (and there's no gossip as juicy as "did you hear that so and so is infertile and used a donor to have a baby?" - spreads like wildfire, let me tell you!).

                      No one usually bats an eyelid when you tell them that you donate blood, but they certainly have a strong and swift reaction when you tell them that you have donated eggs!


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                        Thanks for that perspective, i could see how others would come to those conclusions however unfounded and slightly innapropriate. I feel the same as you and i think you are amazing.

                        I am breastfeeding right now and have read that you can't donate while BF, so is there anything i can do to find out more and get some more info so when i have finished breastfeeding i can get things started...


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                          There are some things you can do whilst you are still breastfeeding

                          Do as much research as you can - read everything, ask questions, be sure in your heart that you are totally at ease with donating.

                          You can make some decisions about the parameters of your donation- and by that I mean what kind of contact would you be happy with (would you prefer recipients that can become friends and have regular contact with, or are you happy for just the odd email and a yearly Christmas card and photo? Or would you prefer to do an anonymous donation through your nearest clinic to a recipient on their waiting list?). Would you prefer a recipient who lives closer to you, or would you be ok if they loved in another state? If they live in another state, are you prepared to travel to their clinic if that's their preferred treatment option? (That said, a lot of recipients will also travel to cycle at the clinic that is closer to you, if that's what you all agree to).

                          A lot of clinics also hold donor information nights - maybe see if your nearest clinic is having one and if it's not too far to go, then go along and listen to what they have to say. They probably won't tell you anymore than you can learn by reading the information here and asking questions, but it can be nice to see the human side of ED.

                          If you are really serious about donating after you've finished breastfeeding then you can also join up at AED, and learn more about how ED and IVF works, and you never know, you may even meet a potential recipient there as well (quite a few of the members come over here to advertise and become part of the parenting threads when they get success, but not all of them)...

                          If you do all the "groundwork" now, then when you are ready, it will be all systems go


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                            Cheers for that Roxy, that's very helpful, i have thought a bit about what kind of relationship i would have with a potential donor and i would like to know them and have contact with them through the journey, i don't think i'd like an anonymous one, i guess the receipient i find would have to be comfortable with that.

                            Just a question too, does DH have to consent, due to him having an acquired brain injury he can't consent to anything anyways, so would that be an issue you think?

                            Thanks for the response, some things to ponder and investigate there.


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                              Given your DH's injury, it's likely that you could get his consents and counselling waived, but he will still need to have the screening BT's (for STD's etc)...but, they are questions that you would be best to have the clinic answer to get the 100% answer.

                              And yes, there are lots of things to ponder on, and I must say that I still ponder over things that have come up with my donation, even 3 yrs and a baby down the track.


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                                Thanks Roxy, that helps heaps, will get myself some more info on donating, can you please PM me some more websites where to start?