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Sudden increase in cycle length on Metformin (PCOS)

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  • Sudden increase in cycle length on Metformin (PCOS)

    I’m TTC our second and since my periods returned (~14 months post birth) I’ve had shorter cycles of around 24 days when I used to solidly be 28 days. I have “mild” PCOS in that I have visiable cysts on my ovaries but otherwise I’m a healthy weight, no hair issues, regular menstruation and ovulation etc. However due to DH’s issues we last conceived via IVF.

    My FS prescribed metformin and the first two months I only had a 21 day cycle 😫
    Has anyone experienced this? Getting even shorter!? Clearly this isn’t a luteal phase long enough to even possibly conceive.

    This is my third cycle (obviously they’re quite frequent, FUN!) and it’s day 25 and there’s no sign of my period. I would typically spot 2-3 days pre-period also.
    Has anyone experienced this? A sudden increase of 5+ days in just one month on Metf? I don’t want to get my hopes up but just wondering if the rapid change is normal. Also could be reduced spotting I suppose?