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Cause of polycystic ovaries finally discovered???

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  • Cause of polycystic ovaries finally discovered???

    This is an interesting read, I wonder if it means my first DD (7) who I had when I was aged 31 is at higher risk of pcos than my DD (5 months) who I have just had when I am 37?

    It makes sense to say PCOS symptoms decrease as AMH drops with age, since my last pregnancy I have started ovulating again naturally which has all but never happened and symptoms are decreased.

    Does anyone have any other thoughts?
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    Hmm maybe. I needed assistance with my first two but this one is natural. Though I was 25 with my first and I'm now 28 with my third.


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      Hmm maybe. I also needed assistance with my first but this one was spontaneous. I was 34 with my first and 36 with this one. My AMH was insanely high, off the charts high, and I don’t know if it would have come down much in 2 years especially as I still have other PCOS symptoms.

      It’ll be interesting to monitor this as the research and possible clinical trials develop


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        Very interesting read.

        I needed assistance to have DD1 in my late 20s. Since then in my early to mid 30s I conceived DD2 and DS naturally.

        I’ve long believed that PCOS runs in my family (mum, grandmother) based on things they’ve told me, but neither have even been diagnosed. I’d be really interested to see the results of the human trial.


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          I needed ovulation induction for DD1 but my egg quality seemed to be worse ttc DD2 so needed lots of IVF attempts. My AMH when initially tested was sky high at 117 but at last test just over a year ago it was only around 40 which I think is still high but my symptoms have definately improved since pregnancy. Just like you [MENTION=103000]Mama Mirabelle[/MENTION] I suspect my mum also has PCOS, she had difficulty conceiving and had several miscarriages along with other symptoms but it was never officially diagnosed.