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Help working out first day of period...

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  • Help working out first day of period...

    Before my last baby (born 2015), my period came every 35 or 70 days usually as a pattern. Basically it was like a skipped period. I fell pregnant, and now after my last baby, my cycle is out of wack. It used to be light for two days, and then heavy for 3 to light again for another 2-3 days. But now, It is Light (bright red) for half a day, then brown for a week or 2 (light, but enough to need protection) then VERY heavy for 2 days. Worse at night. This heaviness means I change a Lunette cup every hour or two, or a super Tampon every half an hour. Then it gradually gets lighter for a week... this is 2 weeks of needing protection.

    My last one started on the 18th of January (The Bright blood then brown). The 29th was when it got heavy. So When do I count the first day of my period? We are not actively TTC, but we dont prevent it. We would love another baby.