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Clomid v Chinese Medicine

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  • Clomid v Chinese Medicine

    I have slim PCOS and do not ovulate every cycle. I ovulates 8 times in 12 months. I was put on 50mg clomid and didn't ovulate and my cycle is all screwed up again. I have constantly elevated LH levels which I think reduces the egg quality.

    I am faced with two choices:

    1. Try Chinese medicine until January, then move on to 100mg clomid for three cycles (provided the first one makes me ovulate) and then ivf


    2. Try clomid 100mg for there cycles (provided the first one makes me ovulate), then ivf

    I am also going to be away over Christmas and I have decided I won't start ivf until January anyway. Clomid is not an option over Christmas as I cannot be monitored.

    Any experiences with either of these?
    I would love your input and any pros and cons... I am almost 29, hubby is almost 40 (his swimmers are normal) and we have been trying for 12 months but want a child desperately. I always wanted a child before 30 but I think chances are slim for that to happen now.