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  • Addam donor bank - City fertility

    Hi there
    I'm a single woman looking to TTC by myself in the future. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with city fertility and their addam donor bank? I'm looking to do donor insemination. Any experiences/advice appreciated.

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    We did IVF with City Fertility a few years ago now. No complaints, and 2 children!

    We used a local donor. I haven't heard of the Addam donor bank. Are they international donors?


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      That's great, congratulations! How did you find their process?

      The Addams donor bank is quite new I think, just this year. It's been in the news. They've partnered with city fertility to put all their sperm donors online and is the first tinder style like app to find sperm donor matches within their catalogue of local and international donors.


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        Process was pretty straightforward. Like i said, no complaints. Referral from the FS, counselling, education, and we were off. A few failed IUI, and then onto IVF. We had a donor list of about 8 or so to choose from.