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    Can someone suggests us, whether we should wait or go for IVF. I am 31 now.
    Actually in September mid, I had Laproscopy & hypersopy, in which I got to know that my right fallopian tube is blocked, but my FS cleaned my left tube, so left one is working properly now. From November our FS gave me the Pregnyl 5000 injection to take it before ovulation, we tried & nothing happened that month. In Dec, FS gave 3 injection of same, one before ovulation which is Pregnyl 5000 & 2nd is Pregnyl 1500 which I had to take after ovulation, 3rd is same as 2nd dose, after a week. But nothing happened this month as well. My FS is saying to wait for 4-6 cycles, then to think about IVF. Now, we are confused to wait till 6 cycles or to for IVF after 4 cycles.
    Please suggest me.. Bcz my overseas Dr told me that these hormones injections are not very good for health. So...!!

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    IVF is a costly, physically challenging and emotionally charged undertaking. TBH, at 31 years old and with only a few months of trying under your belt I'd be steering well clear of it and having a few more tries before choosing that route.

    Also, if you're concerned about the Pregnyl, just keep in mind that if you do IVF you'll be likely taking that as well as a combination of a few other drugs - for example, perhaps Gonal-F, Clomid or Ovidrel.

    I know the urge to have a baby is strong but if you can do it without IVF you'll be much better off all round - and a few cycles probably isn't giving enough time. Trust in your Doctor's advice. Good luck x


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      All of what Blossom74 has said. It’s mentally physically and emotionally challenging not to mention expensive.

      My fs would say do the lap which you have done but try naturally for a min of 6 months before going to ivf. If nothing has happened then speak about ivf.

      What was the reason why your fs has put you on pregnyl so soon ?


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        Hi, honey. I'm sorry to hear about your strugglings. But in your shoes I'd wait for 2 more cycles before considering IVF. Your dr has the treatment plan for you by now. so he expects the outcomes just like you to know what might be your best options/ meds dosages in case no luck with this very plan. Unless you trust your dr, do follow his advice! May God bless you on your way!