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  • Any hope?

    Hi everyone, I am not really a new member, I have just forgot my log in info and it won't resend it.

    So anyway. What I am wondering is..

    I have done a few HPTs over the last couple of days. (it was Tuesday last week that I got my first faint +) Since then they slowly started to get a bit darker, but not as quick as they normally would.

    I am now 4weeks 2day or 3days. *depends on what date you go off* and I have done a test today and it has came out as a very very very + (like you would get at around 8DPO) I am also starting to have light cramps but no spotting. But I do still have a lot of CM.

    Is there any luck that the test could still go dark (it had been about 2 hours since my last wee in the middle of the day so you would think I would have enough HCG in it for it show a good result) Or am I just grabbing at straws?

    I will book into the dr tomorrow for a blood test, but I am kinda after what other people think or have had done.


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    try testing with fmu in the morning. are you using the same kind of tests each time. some tests give faint pos this early on. your best bet will be to use.a frer and get a bloot test to check levels. fingers cdossed you get a good result!!


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      Thank for the reply. Yes I have been using FR each time. (costly but best)

      I will try my last one tomorrow and call the dr for a blood test. I just hope that it isn't the end as I am not coping well. This will be #5 loss.

      I think I will also book into my normal Dr for a D&C if i do lose this one. As there has to be a reason and I think the retained placenta from #3 might be the cause. (I have 4 since her birth 23months ago)


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        See if your dr can do bloods a few days apart to check if they are increasing. Good luck!


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          I am going to try and get in tomorrow to have this done. Thanks for the support ladies. I have stopped cramping, so I am hoping that it is just a slow starter and that it will stick.


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            I am still just cramping. I have had the blood test done & now have to wait until tomorrow to get the first lot of results.

            Shouldn't the HPT be showing darker by now? & shouldn't I be bleeding also?

            I am cramping as much as I would if AF was here/due. But I am not spotting or anything. (This is hard for me as with the other losses I started to bleed then cramped) So this is kinda new and worrying all at once.

            Can ideas ladies?


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              i was going to suggest going to ed for an us but given how fa along you are i dont think that would be a good idea (wont be able to see much and that would stress u out more) is the pain localised or is it all over in your lower ab. maybe just go to the hospital and get checked out anyway and get them to do bloods (will have results today)

              im so sorry for your previous losses. i couldnt imagine the heartache of loosing 4 babies. ive had one mc and that was hard enough.

              lets just hope that this one is a very sticky take home baby. sorry i couldnt be of any more help. maybe by going to the hospital thwy could rule out an ectopic pregnancy. all the best!! xx


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                Thanks Monkeyseedo, It seems to be another early MC for me. So it looks like I won't be off for more blood tests but to demand a D&C to make sure that there isn't scar tissue casing my to lose them so early. I am not upset now, I am just at my body for allowing another one to go!

                In saying that I do have 3 great loving kids, but I was hoping for #4 t finish the family off. *We were set on 3 but then we had a moment 5 months ago and thought we would love another one. (After I gave everything away lol) So now this. So it has almost crushed me with the 5 losses.

                Thanks for the support.