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    Originally posted by anemone View Post
    Jen - I swear DHEA was the main reason behind my BFP. I had a v low ovarian reserve (AMH = 4.5, should have been 10 for a 37 y.o., antral follie count only 5-7 - again, should have been at least twice that). After 3-4 months of taking it, my antral follie count increased a lot (19) and that was my successful cycle.

    I hope it works for you too. GL for this cycle!

    Sarah - DHEA is usually prescribed by a FS - and many are not up to speed on it. A GP could prescribe it theoretically but many dont have the knowledge. Have you ever had your ovarian reserve checked (AMH blood test) - it is a bit confronting, but could be useful in determining if it would be good for your situation.

    That's full on abt your school and the cuts. Perhaps you might be happier elsewhere though, given all the crap that's been happenign at your school.

    Keziah - where are you babes, playing in the sun with furbaby and zumba-ing away hopefully! Sending you

    to feebs and PM.
    Feebs have you decided what to do abt FS appt?
    Hello lovely,
    Thanks for that, I have doctors on Monday for my PAP so will ask what she thinks. There is no way Andrew would allow us to go to the FS in this town, not after the way his cousin was treated. I really don't think I have had my ovarian reserve tested so will ask for that too. She is a new doctor so hopefully she will be up to date, not that my old doctor was out of date or anything. Will let you know how I get on. I have done a little research and am able to buy it in from the UK but really don't want to go down that route, I would rather be supervised.

    Much love


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      First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE How are you lovely gals? I'm sorry for MIA for the last few months. Been busy with work, hubby's birthday, Christmas, my birthday early this month and wedding anniversary a few days later.
      I haven't been on bubhub for a while but I hope to catch up with you gals soon. How are you Anemone, Welsh mummy, Keziah, Pommie, Jacks and everyone? Well, nothing much to tell here...just glad that you gals are still here to give support to each other.
      For anyone who is/will be in Sydney on Australia Day...just to let you know, hubby and I will participate for the Australia Day boat parade in the evening at Darling Harbour This will be our third year being involved with the AD celebration. Well, that's all from me for now. Have a great weekend to everyone....lots of luv....
      Ps did the calculation...mine is 7.6%
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        Hi ladies,
        Sarah, I will definitely look into the er4yt diet. I am currently on the bodytrim+ to lose a bit of weight. Hope you get the dhea..and hope it works for all of us!
        Never mind too much about the job..I am sure you will kick on at the new school.
        Anemone thanks for the inspiring information about the dhea...I swear we learn more on this forum than by consult with various fs, even though we pay them thousands and they are the specialists.
        luv to all
        xoxox Jen


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          Hi Sarah,

          Sorry I missed Andie's anniversary, I'm sure its been a very emotional time. I hope the uncertainty around work is settling down and that your kids are all settling in to the new year. Where are you up to with the fostering idea now?

          Quiet in here ladies, I hope you are all well, happy and your journey is going the way you need it to

          Take care xxx


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            KEziah's post
            Hey my gorgy hubblers.....I have been MIA but always thinking of you with good vibes.....

            How is everyone n wotcha all up to?

            Any news, any announcements? Any anything....hehe

            Pommie n Anemone - how are those beautiful growing bublettes in ur tum tum going?

            Heth - you still on this babes???

            Sarah - how u darlin? You can get this in a homoeopathic form or I think the Dr has to prescribe it....I will check it out. My Acu fella (who I haven't seen in mths - oops) wants me to take it.

            jackdemps - hiya babes, hope you are well, you back on the IVF train?

            AFM - nuffin to report, completely numbed by the whole TTC....haven't put in any effort to be honest. I know I have to seriously get my buttskies into gear but I feel, well, that I have lost interest. I think of IVF and I go numb, I think of temping, I go numb, I think of ringin my ACU fella n I go numb. I have just been enjoying living again. But I am 43 this yr sooooooooooo...... Part of me is wondering whether to let it all go and truly give up. Don't worry, I am not depressed or anything, if anything I have been enjoying myself more than I have for a looooooooooonnnnnnnngggg time.

            Went on a Thelma/Louise road trip (minus the ending haha) with a girlfriend for 5 days and toddled up to Port Mac. Ahhhhh swimming, eating, coffee, drinkin, dancing, shopping, swimming, eating etc etc hahaha It was very healing to the soul and DH said he really missed me (whereas I was fearing he would be like - thank goodness - I get a break!!! lol).....

            I hope 2011 is going well for you all. Can't wait to hear all the latest goss.

            PS: I hope if any of you were affected or if your friends/family were affected by the floods that you are all OK. It's been surreal - the roads up North were spookily empty, hardly any's like we were the only ones heading North So very sad....but boy do Aussies step up when the goin gets tuff eh....

            Sending much love n light

            xmwah mwah mwahx
            Pommie's Post

            Hi Keziah,

            good to hear from you babes. Anemone started thread number 3 but I haven't seen much activity in there either. Still thinking of you all though.

            Fortunately we're high enough out of Brissie that we missed the flooding but work got knocked out for a couple of days. One of my mates mum lost almost everything, again, she lives in the same house as she did in '74 and went under then too. Can't think how depressing that must be.

            Good to hear you are in a nice head space. Even if you do decide to get off the roller coaster it has been a pleasure and a privilege to share some of the journey with you. A tough decision I know but you are strong and it sounds like you are enjoying life.

            Much light xxmwahxx
            Sarah's post

            Hey Kez, nice to hear from you. It's great you have been having a life again, I know what you mean about it totally taking over everything.
            I too have been in a weird headspace - not quite sure where I am at still!!! TTC this month has been really weird for us, out of all the days in a year CD14 fell on the day Andie died and I had massive o pains on CD17, her birthday. It was just way too weird to DTD then so guess we may have missed our chance this month. Thankfully, we went away so I managed not to be a complete blithering wreck on her birthday - I got a really cute candle, had a little chat, made wish and that was that, no tears or anything. Maybe I have just cried myself out. We are now officially on day 1 of the next chapter of our lives whatever that may bring.

            All the other girls have migrated over to thread 3 - are you coming across there too?

            Much love,


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              Hey girls, just thought it was easier to collect the recent posts to the other thread, saves my addled brain when I try to reply!

              Keziah - really great to hear from you hun. Your road trip sounds like exactly what you needed - its so therapeutic to spend time with a good friend and to be exploring new places as well.

              Completely understand re the numbness and ambivalence about TTC/IVF etc. Especially after having a break and taking the focus away from TTC. I think just sitting with it, as hard as that can be, and letting it settle, is a good approach. You are a very wise woman and the right path will become clear, I know it...

              Pommie - that's great that you escaped the flooding, but it still cant be easy seeing so many ppl you know affected. The whole thing is really scary, but as Keziah said its also heartwarming to see ppl pulling together. Hope you and bubs (oops, almost typed the code for (.)(.)!! Not quite wot i meant!!) are well!

              Mrs HNF - wow, you have been super busy - it all sounds like a lot of fun though. How did the Aus day parade etc go? Were you guys involved in the Sydney to Hobart race? Hows the new job?

              Sarah - hey sweet, the anniversary of Andie's birthday must have been such a hard time, but it sounds like you coped so well. Very beautiful ritual too I really hope this year brings your dreams of a family true.
              Whats happening with work and the job situation?

              AFM - all good. Work has been intense but easing up a little now for a couple of weeks. We have a new car (well new to us!) and my challenge is re-aquainting myself with Sydney driving - OMG!! We used to live in the inner city so no car needed and just used pub transport - but now we are further out...
              Anyway, Im finding it quite a challenge after so long with minimal driving. Sydney drivers are so freaking aggressive! But have just bought a GPS so hoping that will help with the navigation side of things. Could get DH to be my navigator but that in the past has led to much tension and rows, so will try the technological route (and prob end up driving round in circles LOL!).

              much love to you all


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                I got lost but now I have found you, was back in the ol' thread haha, yay, now I will trawl back thru the posts I have missed n have a mega catch up, might make a cuppa first.

                Can't wait to catch up with you all.

                xmwahx xmwahx xmwahx


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                  Hi ya beautiful ladies,
                  Wow! I sure missed many things since the last time I was here. So Pommie got a growing bub in her tummy?!! How exciting and congrats to you Pommie...I know I may be the last one to know but hope it's not too late for me to congrats you...
                  Anemone, lol I'm sure you will get use to Sydney drivers and the way around sooner or later...yeah, some of them pretty aggressive. Never trust myself driving in the city. I'd rather have DH to drive me or I'll catch the bus!!! Oh! Australia Day went well...thanks. DH did Sydney - Hobart once...I think I have to be pretty confident to do Sydney - Hobart..which I'm not Love my new job
                  Keziah, glad to hear that you had a great time with your girlsfriends. Aww...your DH sounds romantic Agree totally with Anemone. You're a wise and strong woman. Whatever you decide to know I'm right behind you all the way. I think we all are...
                  Sarah, all I can say is...wish you and family all the best this new year
                  Jacks, hope things are well with you.
                  Heth, how are you?

                  With the recent flooding and now cyclone up North...I hope and pray everyone will be safe from harm. We have friends in Townsville and DH got in touch with them last's gut wrenching to hear what it will do when it hit North Queensland.
                  To everyone, have a great week and be back tonight....
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                    Good morning lovely ladies, my's pretty quiet in here. Where are all you lovely ladies gone to?
                    It's been really hot and is my day off so I can sit in the tub all DH gone sailing and only be back around 5 this evening.
                    Not much happening atm...but cos I'm 5 days late. No, I haven't test and I'm sure I'm not preggy. Prob I O'd later than I thought. No symptoms, signs or anything. Well, I sure will keep you ladies posted as soon as I figure out what is wrong with
                    To all you ladies, have a good Sunday... it will rain soon. To everyone in Qld and Vic, thoughts and pray with you all.


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                      Hi Mrs HNF, you're right its pretty quiet in here. 5 days late, maybe good news. You're very dedicated, I'd have been at the test by now. for a BFP for you. Hope the cool change has come through and things are cooling down a bit in Sydney.

                      Thanks for the congrats, I'm 6 mths now and all going well, thank you.

                      Anemone hope the bubs (and the boobs he!he!) are good and you're not getting too tired.

                      to all you other lovely ladies, hope you are healthy and having fun



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                        Hiya Pommie...6 months!!!! Woo hoo I expected I O'd later than I thought and AF showed up VERY EARLY this morning (35 days cycle..the longest so far) had mild cramp yesterday so I figured...heck AF must be on it's way
                        Hope to hear more BFP this month. Sorry just a short back again later...xoxoxoxo


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                          Originally posted by mrsHNF View Post
                          Hiya Pommie...6 months!!!! Woo hoo I expected I O'd later than I thought and AF showed up VERY EARLY this morning (35 days cycle..the longest so far) had mild cramp yesterday so I figured...heck AF must be on it's way
                          Hope to hear more BFP this month. Sorry just a short back again later...xoxoxoxo
                          Hiya mrs - sorry about AF. Trying to look at it psoitively, 35 days, well maybe just maybe something was trying to happen. You just never know. Fingers crossed for you this year.

                          AF - I am on a day off today. I called in sick with work related stress. It came to a head with our head of special needs yesterday in the year level meeting she said I was expected to attend. Lots of changes made and new timetabling etc - where was my name??????? Not on anything!!!!! According to her, 'we just don't know how much longer you will be here!' I totally lost the plot. How dare she?????? I told her that she had no right to assume it was me that was going as there are other people in line too. She said I was only left out of the loop because I had requested a transfer. OMFG she lives in a dream world all of her own. I have had to put in a forced transfer form and then it was because I felt bullied into it - I told her that in front of the 5 other staff too, lol. She said we needed to have a chat in private, so I declined and said, "I've said all I needed to say thanks." HAHAHAHA, I feel so much better for doing that.
                          CD29 for me, a no show yet, but I just know that it is going to happen anytime as I have been having niggles. Not sure what to do when it shows up as I really think I have had enough now. Andrew won't consider any other options, so I really don't see the point in trying anymore just to be let down over and over again. Can you tell I am in a shocker of a mood, pmsl.

                          Much love to you all.


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                            Sarah...YOU GO GIRL!!!! Hehehe...I can imagined her face when you told her...served her right! Aww sorry that you feel that way. Believe me, I feel the same way too. I do hope you still in for BFP. As they's not over until AF show it's ugly head. I for you and lots of
                            Well, maybe there was something there but again maybe it was just my cycle mucking around We going to see my nephews, nieces, my dad and my great nephew at the end of Feb. Poor kids...after their dad passed away almost 2 years ago and then their mum (my sister) in June last dad decided to look after them but what's going to happen when my dad not around anymore. The eldest are now married and live with her in-laws but I'm worried about the rest of them. I would want them to stay with me and DH think it's a good idea but their dad's family, aunts and uncles against it. I just don't know what to do....
                            To all you ladies...have a great week ahead...xxxxx


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                              Hi Sarah, sorry to hear you are having such a stressful time. Not sure what the other options are like around you but maybe you'd be better off out of such a toxic atmosphere. It doesn't sound like you are appreciated at all. I hope that AF really is late for a good reason and that the niggles are just your body reacting to the stress. I can understand it must be hard to carry on with the TTC when it is such a difficult time. A tough decision at any time. I hope you're going to get a few days off and maybe a chance to spend some time which is just about you. Sending you some peaceful vibes

                              Mrs HNF the family thing sounds complicated. I hope at least that your dad is in good health for now. Should be nice to see them all even if its a bit worrying. 35 days is a long cycle, maybe a chem pregnancy? Are you very irregular?

                              I hope you all have a good weekend, much love


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                                Hi Pommie, How's it going for you and bub? Yeah, I'm blessed for my dad still in good shape but I do feel sorry for him and the children. We will help them as much and as long as we least until they be able to stand on their own feet. It will be good to see them and meet my great nephew for the first time.
                                I really don't understand what was happening with my cycle. Well..I can say I'm irregular but never 35 days I don't know if it was chem preg or just my cycle gone Hope to hear more good news from you ladies...lots of