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  • Still trying........

    Hi guys,

    How's it going?

    I havent been around much lately....well around on I have no clue whats happening!!

    Who has had some luck!

    I'm starting to feel really low, its 4 months now.....and although Ive been feeling nausea and tired the last 2 tests Ive taken have been negative..... My period is due far no sign.....but I just dont think I'm preggers.

    I know 4 months isnt a long time, but it feels like forever....its now 7 months since we decided....thats more than half a year! LOL How much am I over reacting?

    People around work seem to be dropping like flies with the pregnancy bug....even those who dont want to be pregnancy are getting it! .... yet here is little me....praying to fall and it wont touch me!

    I'm starting to wonder if I'm defective or something?! I had a scan for PCOS a couple of months ago and it showed up that I was clear, but surely it should have happened by now?

    I'm off the pill for over a year....the only worries I have is that I was on it from about 12 to regulate everything....could it have stunted my development or something?!

    Anyway, thanks for listening (reading) to me winge and whine.....

    Hope everyone else is having better luck!


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    hi kathleen

    Im with you girl. we have been trying for only 3 months but it still is very disappointing. I have been off the pill for 5 years, keep fit and eat well. I feel pregnant at 21 but lost the baby due to a m/c so l am sure l can still conceieve. Guess l will have to be patient


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      Maybe this will make you feel better: I was reading Q&A about how long
      it takes some people to concieve and the lady was saying that she had
      been tring for 6 months and the way the answer went was not to worry
      bc really that is only 6 eggs and that means only 6 days that you have even
      been able to concieve and that is only if you Oed every month which some
      people do not. I know that made me feel a little better about the odds
      bc I have been bothered by the same thing this is our 6 well really our
      7th cycle tring so hope that makes you feel better. Good Luck