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Animals and Pregnancy

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  • Animals and Pregnancy

    Does anyone know if there is any other Animal besides cats (litter box)
    can be dangerous for a pregnant person? I have many and would like
    to know before hand.

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    Hi Ellymayone,

    I've only heard of cats being a problem (my DH has taken over kitty litter duties already, bless him.) though someone told me I shouldn't be picking up after the dog either? Not sure to be honest.



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      Well hopefully I will have all of my (6) cats house broken when the time comes.
      I have a ferett and a chichilla and lots of guinea pigs (which i am tring to down
      size on even though i really don't want to) and gerbils and dogs and a lizzard.
      So you see there's alot to chose from. I just hope that all is ok because I would hate to have to get rid of any. I loves them so much. But you do what ya gotta do when it come to a healthy baby.


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        I haven't heard of any problems with animals other than cats. You could speak to your vet to confirm that though. Any disease that can be passed from an animal could be a concern if you're pregnant. The risks can usually be reduced though, by not handling poo/urine and by handwashing. So maybe you're off cage cleaning duty for awhile!

        Are you toilet training the cats? I've heard and read of this but don't know anyone who's done it.


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          No just tring to teach them to go to the door when they need to go out to
          poo/pee. They do good I just have a 3 month old kitten that I have to get
          fixed before I will let him go out side.