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      Thanks K / Sweetangel,

      Yes I totally understand the work thing, unfortunately where I sit also would be noticed and it is really hard, that is why I guess on RDO am making the most of it, hence not studying and I am really really naughty!

      I am studying a bachelor of commerce, majoring in HR. I am a bit down an out about the study thing, as I have just decided to start this year (should have done this alot earlier), but wanted to give it a years shot and then try for a family. The reason I am over studying, is that I was just not looking after myself and partly blame myself for my miscarriage. At the time of my miscarriage, I was only weeks away from sitting my exam. I got a special consideration to sit it in August. I just want it to be over. I am really over studying at the moment and can't find the motivation to get back into it and what follows is the story of why:

      I had gone off the pill earlier this year, due to the fact of being to lazy to go to the doctor over 50km's away in order to get another prescription. We were just being careful. But it appears that we weren't on one occassion. Yes we fell pregnant. I was so not intune with my body, and started to bleed a couple of days after my period was due (which I didn't even realise I was late at the time), but it was just brown discharge. I just thought it was a weird period. Two weeks went by and I finally went to the doctor (as something twigged in my head that this is not normal). She asked if I had been nauseas and I said no, as I said no, I remembered, oh yes I had been (how quickly you can forget). I was just not listening to my body (my work/study - which was hard and stressful/renovating our house and sport had taken over, I had no time left for anything else, ie: ME) Anyway, sure enough I was pregnant with a very strong BFP, but there were dangly pieces of discharge in my urine test that my doctor was concerned about. She sent me for a vaginal scan (as it was only 5 weeks 4 days) that afternoon, and I had lost one already (yes there were twins). There was a sac with no embryo, but one was still left (with a heart beat of 110 bpm - which they said was slow???). But it looked rather bizaa and the scan actually diagnosed me as a threatened miscarriage (or possible Molar pregnancy- a sure sign of this is excessively high HCG levels). I explain the whole ordeal as Excitment and Turmoil. I felt every emotion possible that day. I was told that they would test my HCG levels every couple of days and if it falls in line with a normal pregnancy they would not terminate. As it turned out my HCG levels were really good, but then I went for another scan 2-3 weeks later and there was no heart beat anymore. I was devastated. I went for a suction D&C and the doctor said that he didn't think I had a molar pregnancy but he could confirm this from testing the cystic mass from the D&C. It wasn't thank god, there was a god. After that ordeal and being cleared of a molar pregnancy, it made the ordeal a little easier to move on.

      Now having another little baby is top priority for me. Sorry for the big speal, but had to tell it all for you to realise where I am at!

      Anyway, enough of all that. Yes it appears that we can only test as soon as we have missed out AF (fingers crossed). The only problem I had with testing my CM, is that I was continually wet all month, and it was really had to see a definite distinctive change! So hopefully what I did see was right, and I am not exagerating to fit in line with what should be my ovulation day ie: mid cycle.

      It is so nice to have met someone who is on the same cycle, we can definitely compare notes and I really look forward to it. We will help each other through it. Certainly need guidance, don't you! Its not as easy as falling pregnant, that is for sure.

      Anyway I have probably bored you to tears. Have a nice rest of the afternoon, and please send me a line whenever you like.

      Six Days to go!!!!!!!!!

      Take care my friend.



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        Kiersten & Cosmic,

        I had no luck this cycle, AF came yesterday. Very dissapointing.

        How did you go Kiersten?


        How is your cycle going Cosmic?

        Hope you are both well.

        Take care


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          Hi Sheree,

          I'm up to day 24. Looks like I might have O'd around day 15 according to temperatures, though the maybebaby etc all showed no sign of it. At 4dpo I had a big temp drop (too early for implantation and too late for fallback, I think..??) but temps went straight back up for another 3 days then 8dpo a big plummet again (this time could have been implantation but still doesn't explain the earlier one), and back up today. So if I did indeed ovulate, it is 9dpo. A couple of times this week I have had a sharp stabbing pain in my right side.. I don't think I've ever had that before. Apart from that, I am feeling slightly crampy for the first time today, but very mildly nauseous as well - could be in my mind so I guess time will tell.

          It's certainly a wait and see game for me.. it's been one confusing thing after another! I was 26 days for 2mths then 28 days last month so I will wait the full 28 for AF and then test if temps are still up. I'm tired of wasting money and feeling the disappointment of early negative tests so this time I'm determined to just wait it out.

          Sorry to hear you missed out.. but it's only 2 weeks till you can potentially conceive again! So go out and have a drink while you still can!! Stay busy.. from everything I hear, the more you focus on other things, the more likely you are to fall! (and you know that only too well!!) Hope the study is going well.



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            PS.. We are all over in the Trying to conceive in July thread.. you can catch up with Kiersten's update over there. Yesterday (I think) she was 2 days past AF but still getting a BFN. We've told her to go to the doc for a blood test on Monday if still not AF.



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              Hi Cosmic,

              Thanks for your reply and information. I am crossing my fingers for you. Not long to go now, but those days are just soooo long aren't they!!! Let me know how you go. A few signs there, but as you said, who really knows!

              And yes, I was just speaking to a friend the other day, and she said getting AF you just become so angry, but then you soon get over it knowing you have another chance. And lets face it the first 2 weeks are easier than the last. Just one positive way of looking at it.

              Thanks for the Kiersten news, will have to catch up with her. Hopefully she is successful, she seems to know her body better than some of us, that is for sure.

              Take care and talk soon, hopefully with your good news.



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                How did you go Cosmic, you were due weren't you. Hopefully no news is good news?????



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                  AF arrived this morning.


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                    I am soooooooo sorry Cosmic. Big hugs and kisses for you.