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30-35's TTC#1 Support Group #3

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  • 30-35's TTC#1 Support Group #3

    Morning Ladies

    Very quiet in here of late!

    Riss - any news on AF? Hope she stays away!

    Jess & Josephine

    AFM, CD33 and no AF yet which is quite unusual as apart from last month which was 31 days, my cycles have been 32 days for most of the year. It doesn't really feel like she is on her way (although it did the other day) so not sure what to think as didn't think we had a chance this month.

    Of course I have been analysing every possible pregnancy symptom - huge boobs, unsettled tum in the morning, really tired....but they could also be AF symptoms or just in my head Have also been looking up possible due dates just in case...... well a girl has to kill some time!

    So will hold off and test on Saturday if it hasn't arrived by then. If it is coming, I wish it would come now and not drag itself out.

    AF stays away for me for a good 9 months!

    But now that I have said AF hasn't arrived, she will no doubt rock up today! I will keep you udpated!

    Have a great day ladies, not long til :tree: now!

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    HI All

    Just thought I'd pop in and say hello to you all! I haven't joined any other forums so I'll probably be popping in here from time to time!!

    Riss - AF stays the hell away!!

    Mummyplease - for you too! Hopefully that awful witch won't rear her head!!

    Everyone else

    AFM - I've been to see my new OB. She is really nice! I'm having an early scan next week to check that everything is AOK and to see if there is 1 or 2 babies!! (strong history of twins in my family). Hopefully everything is fine.

    I can't believe its :tree: already! Feels like we just had christmas to me! Oh well! Sending you all heaps and heaps of and hopefully we'll see some more really soon


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      Hey Everyone

      Thought I'd pop in to say Hope your new thread brings lots of very soon.

      Mummyplease - I have everything for you darl.

      Sam - Glad to here you doing well. We have a strong family history of twins too (both sides actually)

      Lots of Love to everyone else

      AFM - Feeling very tired & queasy. Have my first OB appointment next Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to that.

      Just 8 sleeps till Xmas Can you believe it?!?

      Take Care everyone. Sending you all


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        Oooh our shiny new thread, and being number three.... well things go in 3's so hopefully it's lucky

        Mummy - I'm 'ing all for you too! Good luck with applying for the job esp in your snazzy new suit!!

        Sam - can't wait to hear how your scan goes

        Iris & everyone else

        AFM - stoopid AF has arrived today & she took her sweet time too I been thinking she was on her way for last 2 days......

        So that's cycle 9 down & now the start of #10. Ok, I've said it before but I am definately not temping now. I think 9 cycles has given me plenty of idea of when O is & I'm sure the FS will agree when I go there in Jan.
        Appt is 14th Jan & it's something I'm looking forward to. I hope she can give us some answers or fix any problems there may be. Who knows, maybe she'll tell me at that appt that I'm actually UTD already - gotta have high hopes right!

        I'm on a day off today but have a busy busy day of catching up with friends before they go away for :tree: so am playing Santa & giving gifts for their little ones.

        And my Mum is moving on Monday so I said I better go & get mine & DH junk out of her place & help her out a bit....
        And tonight I'm having a good old girly chat with one of my good mates who lives in Sydney - we chat about 3 or 4 times a year & we're always on the phone for well over an hour!

        Enjoy your day lovelies!


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          Good morning ladies, thank goodness it's Friday

          Riss, sorry to hear about AF arriving. Hope you are doing ok. for next month.

          Mummyplease, i'm keeping everything crossed for you. You are very strong to not be testing yet. Lets hope you get that well deserved

          Hi Sam & Iris great to hear from you. Glad to hear things are going well for you both. Iris, good luck for you OB appointment, & Sam good luck for your scan. Can't wait either to hear how it all goes.

          Hi Jess, hope you are doing ok too.

          Well, i am now on cycle day 49 & am officially over it! I absolutely cracked it with poor DP last night over nothing & we ended up sleeping in separate rooms. The naturopath was right when she said my hormones were all over the place. One minute i'm fine & then the next I either feel like crying or yelling at someone. Have been so tired this week too. Oh well, hopefully AF arrives soon. It's very weird to be wishing she would come.!

          Have a great day ladies, can you believe it's only a week till xmas!!


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            Just a quick post ladies to say that AF arrived first thing this morning Am holding up at the moment but am quietly devastated, really thought for a moment that I might just have a chance this month after AF was 2 days late. Stupid me got my hopes up, only to have them come crashing down.

            Riss, sorry that AF arrived for you too, I guess we will be testing buddies again next month.

            Feeling today, have been feeling ill the last few months and if I am not pregnant, I must have picked up a bug or something.

            Going to be a long, miserable day today and not helped tomorrow by catching up with friends who have a 4 month old

            Will keep going but just REALLY over it all at the moment.

            Hopefully the holidays will get me back on track and the elusive BFP will come my way in 2010.

            to everyone, sorry for the sulky me post!


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              Hi ladies,

              well i tested yesterday morning with fmu and BFN of course. I went to my work lunch and had a few glasses of champagne and lots and lots of food! Then last night just before bed i had light red blood on the toilet paper and a little bit of coffee colour on the toilet paper this morning so i think af may be here today. My nipples are so sensative but boobs not sore at all. kinda bummed out about it today, really wanted a x mas baby news. looks like there is a few of us all going to drinking this x mas new year now!


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                Hey Gorgeous Girls

                Just want to give you all lots of these

                I'm thinking of you all xo


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                  Hi Girls,
                  Not sure how many of you I know from about 6 months ago when I was still posting in here, but at least riss and iris.

                  Well to cut a long story short, I was sent for an u/s in August just to rule out any problems (I had been TTC for 11 months by then). I thought the u/s would be a waste of money and show nothing wrong, but as it turns out I had two large cysts, one on each ovary. I was scheduled for laproscopy to have them removed at the end of September, and my second month after that I am finally pregnant. Due 7 August.

                  Anyway for you girls who have been trying for a while and know you're timing things right, I think its worthwhile to ask for an ultrasound. All my bloods were fine so there was no hint of what was going on down there.

                  Good luck to you all , I know how devastating it is each month when you've been trying for a while.

                  Now I just have to pray for this one to stick.


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                    CONGRATULATIONS BLASKO

                    That is brilliant news, I was wondering if you would come back to bub hub and let us know how you were doing.

                    I'll keep everything crossed for you that this is a sticky lil bean.

                    to all the other girls, hopefully this is the first of many for this new thread.


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                      WELL DONE BLASKO - excellent news!!

                      I am going to enquire about an u/s when I see FS next month. I've had all the tests too so maybe there is something going on in there I don't know about.

                      As for the rest of us I'm just going to spread some & around so we can all soak it all up to get some good news in 2010

                      for everyone!


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                        im out again. AF showed this morning. no x mas baby celebration for me.


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                          Hi Ladies

                          Jess - sorry that nasty AF showed up, hope it didn't ruin your weekend. Seems like you, Riss & I are on very similar cycles, hopefully we all get our BFP the same month, now that would be nice

                          AFM, woke up this morning thinking I was on holidays already, was a tad depressing to remember I still have 3 days to go

                          A question for anyone, I got AF on Friday and by this morning it is pretty much gone, it feels like it has been getting shorter and shorter over the last few months. Am just wondering if that could also affect fertility? It was just really light too, almost felt like a wasted visit from her! (at least it meant I could have a few glasses of wine this weekend though!)

                          Thinking about asking my Dr but might do some googling first, definately the cheaper option!

                          Nearly time ladies, we all deserve lots of xmas cheer this year and maybe some well planned BD'ing at New Years too - well if we O around then!

                          Such a lovely day today, annoying it is not holidays and I still have to get up at 5.30am tomorrow, grrrr!


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                            Hi All

                            Mummyplease - After my lap I have had 3 or 4 day AF's and they are mega light. Didn't seem to affect my fertility in the end though.

                            Josephine - Have you POAS?? Moodiness and tiredness were my first signs. Maybe you'll get a for

                            Blasko - Congratulations! I haven't spoken to you before but good luck with the next 9 months!! for a sticky bubs!!

                            Everyone else -

                            AFM - Off to have a scan tomorrow so we'll see if all is well down there. I'm sure it will be (at least thats what I'm telling myself!!) I'll keep you posted!

                            Cheers and have a good Monday.


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                              Good afternoon ladies, can you believe that is this week.

                              Mummyplease & Jess sorry about AF arriving to you both.

                              Mummyplease I have also noticed that my AF is shorter since stopping the pill. It is usually heavy for 2 days & then very light for maybe 2 days.

                              Sam good luck for your scan tomorrow. How exciting for you. I'm sure everything will be fine

                              AFM still waiting for AF. Told DP that if there is still no sign by wednesday i will test, but i'm not expecting a positive. Tomorrow is my last day at work. I've pretty much finished most of my jobs today & then tomorrow just cleaning the office & then out to lunch. Can't wait to have 2 & 1/2 weeks off

                              Have a great day everyone