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    Hey Jess, checked out the second pic and you are right that is definitely a second faint line. I am crossing everything for you that it is a positive! Im trying to think of something to advise to relax in the mean time but Im drawing a blank! Maybe just try a cup of tea and an early night? take care

    good luck!


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      Hi all, my resolve to not test crumbled and got back BFN 

      another month.....

      Hoping the tww is kinder to you guys


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        Hi girls,

        I did another test this morning - FSER a faint line came up in the first minute. The line is very faint though.
        I was going to ring FS and tell him today but im only 11 dpo so i think i should wait at least until AF is due just to be sure which is Thur. I am still not getting too excited. I sort of wish i didnt test until the 14th now as i feel a bit funny. I just keep telling my self that if i am going to MC it was going to happen no matter what i ate, excercised or when i tested. The dr told me last time there is nothing you can do to stop a MC happening if its going to happen.

        Anyone else got news to get my mind off all this???


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          HI All

          I've been reading all the posts but didn't have anything exciting to add so didn't post.

          Just wanted to say a quick GOOD LUCK to Sam! I can def see a 2nd line on the tests! Same thing happened to me. I thought I was imagining the 2nd line and had to keep asking DH if he could see it (I swear I asked him 50 times just to make sure). I hope you get a stronger positive in the next few days.

          Everyone else - I notice you are all pretty much in the dreaded TWW so I hope it goes really quickly for you and sending you heaps of

          Catch you later
          Sam (the other one!)


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            Good morning ladies Wow so much has been happening since I was last in here. Been pretty busy over the holidays so haven't had much chance to get on here. Was meant to be my first day back at work today but I got a message from my boss last night saying not to come in cause of the heat. I hope all the rest of you ladies in melb manage to stay in the cool today.

            Jess good luck hun. I am keeping everything for you. I really hope that line gets stronger.

            Hi Sam, glad to hear everything is going well for you.

            Bekindtoyourself - big hello to you. How lovely to have a new person in our little group. So sorry about your bfn A holiday in Greece sounds perfect.

            Riss - well done on cutting back on your alcohol. I've had a couple of drinks over the hols but on the whole been pretty good I think

            AFM not much to report just waiting to see if I O this month. My temps are all over the place cause I haven't been taking them at the same time & even forgot about it one day. I have to say it's been really good with this break. I've hardly been worrying about things at all. Had a friends baby shower yesterday (some of you may know her on here as sherbie) which was fun. Getting really excited for her as it's only a few more weeks till we get to meet the little bub. I'm off to NZ on the 21st for 11 days which i'm looking forward to as I'm originally from there & can't wait to spend some time with my parents & brother & his family. DP seems to have gotten his UTI again yesterday & is currently in bed. I have to go wake him up now to take him to the doctors.

            Have a great day ladies & I hope to hear some good news soon


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              Hi Ladies

              Wow, we have been chatty the last few days!

              Jess - I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, they do say a line is a line so I hope it will only get stronger. Having never been pregnant before, I think I would probably faint if I ever saw another line come up Good luck and keep us posted!

              BKTY - Fingers crossed that you just tested too early, it aint over til AF arrives. Have not ridden a bike in years so I think it's great you are giving it a go. Great exercise too! Hmmm, Greece...would love an overseas holiday right now, in fact anywhere out of Melbourne would be great - hating this stupid heat but loving my newish airconditioning! We are really broke at the moment so no holiday planned this year at all But DH apparently thinks we have money for a new tv, what the?

              Riss - yep, we seem to have the same cycle at the moment. Nice to have you and the others suffering in the TWW with me Good luck with the weight loss, I also lost 0.8kg last week cuttting back....are we twins in another life Have vowed to lose 5kgs by my bday in mid March, will see how I go!

              Lost angel - welcome to our little group, sorry for your loss but you get another BFP very soon

              Jo - hope you O soon!! Wow, NZ - never been there so would love to get there eventually!

              AFM - first day back at work, survived the alarm going off at 5.30am and had a ridiculously busy day catching up with everything. Was so busy I didn't even get on the internet, that's when I know I am busy

              So hot in Melbourne and not much better the next few days. Aghh, not a fan of the heat

              TWW is blaaa, still over analysing what little symptons I have but if work stays busy this week, it will help pass the time. Had a few little cramps today which is a tad early for AF but might be just heat related. Either 7 or 9DPO and have one test left at home but doubt I will test before AF is due unless some strong non -AF symptoms suddenly appear.

              All this talk of holidays.....our last proper one was Nov 08 for our honeymoon in Fiji and before that 3 wks in Africa in late 07 (our pre-mortgage holiday!!). Would go back to Africa in a heartbeat......... oh well, dreaming of holidays might make the TWW pass much faster!

              Melbournians, stay cool... and I hope everyone else is getting some sun too!

              Off to walk the puppy if it has cooled down outside!


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                Hi everyone, just letting you know Im the first to officially bow out of the TWW, stupid stupid AF came today, extra annoying in this heat.

                So there we go, another month and we keep trying. I was shattered today, cried and cried at work in the loo

                The only good thing about AF coming is that my pre menstrual hormones settle down almost immediately as soon as AF arrives and my more rationale mind I am trying to look forwards again. Im also getting some therapist help for this and other issues and I saw her this afternoon which ended up being good timing for getting my head on a bit straighter.

                So next on the agenda is appt with FS on the 28th Jan and till then, trip planning, bike riding and trying to do other things to keep my spirits up.

                Jess, Hope that you are ok I agree with MP a line is a line thats what all the literature says so fingers crossed it keeps getting stronger

                Riss and MP, good luck for the remainder of your TWW hope it passes quickly and with magic results! I agree with you MP that if I got a positive I would def faint having never seen one before!!

                Jo, Lovely to meet you, its great to have mates on here to chat to about this stuff. Your relaxing break sounds like just the right medicine and enjoy NZ!

                Lostangel, lovely to meet you and I will be crossing my fingers for you this week as well!

                take care everyone and wishing everyone a happy (and cool!!) week, Im another melburnian hating this weather



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                  Well my goodness me - where to start!?!

                  Firstly - Jess, the line keeps getting darker for you! YAY!!!!! Oh yeah I see lines!

                  BKTY - for that nasty witch. Glad to hear you are taking +ve steps to stay happy tho & it sounds like you have lots to keep busy - Greece would be lovely!

                  Hi Josephine - Sounds like you all had a great time for Sherbie. I bet you are excited about NZ, 9 days to go. Hope DP feels better soon.

                  welcome lostangel

                  MP - we do have a lot in common at the same time! Now if we weren't so far away I'd say lets go for coffee....! You know what we always seem broke & live week to week but we still manage to get a couple of hols in, even a short break would probably do you & your DH a world of good. Just a weekend spent somewhere may be nice to plan..... but at the same time you don't want finances to cause a rift - been there done that!! Good luck for end of TWW & for weight loss

                  Well I am worried for my Mum at the moment - she was crook before xmas (hospital) & had US last week & Dr today confirmed a HUGE ovarian cyst pushing into her pelvic area. She's having CT scan on Thursday & we'll see what happens from there. I guess no point worrying until all the results come through from that - she is a very factual, as opposed to emotional, person so I guess that made it easier for me not to overreact when she told me today. I am emo BIG time about these sort of things
                  But guaranteed there'll have to be some changes with the business as Mum will be having surgery & will be out of action for a fair few weeks..... I figure sometimes we all just have to deal with stuff when it's out of our hands & just go with it - IYKWIM!?

                  Nighty night lovely ladies


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                    Lostangel - well while none of really want AF to arrive, we always look at the positives if it does & for the timing to be right for you next cycle is defo a +ve . Sending you BIG too. Does hubby work away - FIFO?

                    I am pooped today - ended up being out & about for 4 hours visiting people & their babies & after only 7 hours sleep (not enough for me) I think I'll be having an early night.

                    Hope you're all having a good week


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                      Bekind - really sorry to hear about AF arriving, does this mean you will be doing IUI?

                      Lost angel - i hope that your AF (if it is going to arrive) arrives shortly so at least you know where you stand after your m/c. Sending lost of positive thoughts your way that something happens soon.

                      Jess - have you taken another test yet? for you!

                      Riss - yes, I agree a short weekend away somewhere is better than nothing. We went for a long weekend in Oct last year but I was quite sick with flu and very grumpy so we ended up fighting and not enjoying ourselves as much. We should be going away with friends over Easter again this year so that will be about 5 days away, can't wait! Weight loss progressing nice and slowly, helped by a dodgy tummy the last few days, 4.5kg to lose by mid March!

                      AFM - TWW drags on, nothing much to report and no symptoms apart from a dodgy tummy the last few days and feeling a bit seedy this morning. Think something I ate upset my tummy or maybe just the hot weather the last few days.

                      Very busy at work the last few days and totally exhausted - my body is not used to the early starts and is punnishing me! Was in bed at 10pm last night due to my tummy and tiredness.

                      Think AF is due next Monday unless it is late like last month. Off to order some OPK's right now while I remember.

                      Happy hump day ladies


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                        Originally posted by mummyplease View Post
                        AFM - TWW drags on, nothing much to report and no symptoms apart from a dodgy tummy the last few days and feeling a bit seedy this morning. Think something I ate upset my tummy or maybe just the hot weather the last few days.

                        It's funny you say about feeling seedy - I felt like that this morning & really wanted fatty food (I was naughty & had a chiko roll ) Hmm, maybe these are signs for us!

                        I'm off to Perth in the morning for my FS appt - looking forward to getting somewhere...

                        So I shall be back on the weekend sometime. Hope you all have a good couple of days


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                          Good afternoon ladies, hope you are all well.

                          Bekind - sorry to hear that AF showed up. Sending you Hopefully next month will be your month

                          Hi Lostangel, welcome to our group. to you for your loss. I hope something happens soon, so you can get on with TTC again.

                          Mummy & Riss for you two. Hope the dreaded TWW goes by quickly for you both. Good luck at the FS Riss, hopefully it's all positive.

                          Jess - any more news?

                          AFM I had another appointment with the naturopath & she has given me a few more things to take. She thinks its definitely a thyroid problem but thinks I should be back on track in a couple of months. I'm keeping that she's right. She also said to pay more attention to CM rather than just temps.

                          Going back to the drs with DP tonight to see what's going on. The naturopath has also given me a list of things he can take to help with these utis. There will be no bding before I go to NZ, so this month is definitely out.

                          Anyway, guess I better go. I can't believe that this time next week I will be on the plane. Starting to get very excited.

                          Have a great day. Sending you all lots of


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                            Hi ladies,

                            I finally hit 4 weeks today, no AF. Did another HPT yesteday and still two lines so that a good sign. FS did not order bloods, just the scan at 6 weeks and a few days, its going to be a slow wait until then to confirm. (feb 2nd)
                            I tried to book in with my OB today, you have to get in early shes always booked out. I forgot how rude her receptionist is (from last time i had MC and from trying to book today, she is very short and rude on the phone) they will call me back tomoorow to see if i can get an apt. I hope so my cousin had her with her IVF baby and said she is great.
                            I had to tell my boss today as i am supposed to be working on sat with this girl that has chicken pox and i told him i dont think its very safe when your pregnant. He knows ive been trying for ages and that its only early days so i felt ok telling him. I had to so i could explain why i didnt want to work with that girl.

                            Anyone else with news its a bit quiet in here


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                              wow Jess congratulations! I cant imagine how you must be feeling. I am hoping that all is going well and the wait till the scan is bearable!

                              How is everyone else going on the TWW?

                              My AF has just finished and Im in a really bad place. I have had depression before and its been at bay but at the moment.......................... its coming back I think.

                              So not much to say Im afraid, I am getting help but might not write much on here.

                              wishing all of you all the very best of luck this month
                              take care


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                                BeKindToYouself - i can understand. I have had depression as well and This journey of TTC has nearly sent me back there many times - i think DF thought i was really nuts each cycle af arrived. I think thats why now he doesnt want to talk about me being pregnant or the chance that its actually happend because if i lose this again i am going to go nuts and he has to deal with me. He said he is not accepting im pregnant until im 12 weeks - I didnt know how to take that. but thats not what i want to talk about sorry for getting side tracked,

                                How long have you been with your FS for?
                                I have been ttc 18 months too now and seeing the FS for the last 5 months, he was not even ready for me to go past clomid yet, a very slow moving FS. I think the fact that your on to IUI is something to look forward too.
                                Outside my world of bub hun no one understands what we go through, i have thought of leaving this site so many times (i think im actually addicted now) but i cant. I think its good to vent your frustration and get it out, especially on here as we all understand and wont say things like
                                Relax and it will happen, or
                                Your trying too hard, or
                                Just get drunk and do it .....etc etc etc

                                I hope you have a better day tomorrow, i often found when my depression came back i would have bad days and good days and that kept me going knowing that maybe a good day was just around the corner.
                                We are here for you to vent to at any time.
                                To be honest im probably the last person you want to hear it from. I used to get upset when people would announce there BFP especially when they were not ttc as long as me - i felt they always sound cocky and condesending. I honestly am trying not to come across that way - i feel bad for thinking that about others too but i think thats just human nature - (or im just not a very nice person at times)
                                Let us know how your going!

                                Just edited this too add, im not talking about girls from this group, i read lots and lots of threads but really only post here, this is the best group inrelation to supporting others and im happy for all your BFP's- (just wanted to clear that up)
                                Last edited by jessicana; 14-01-2010, 21:26. Reason: just to add disclaimer