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    ok so that was clearly not a short post from me


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      Hey Mummyplease/Emma, we also have something else in common, I tend to say I'll just write a short email and then right nearly a book so I will enjoy reading your "short" posts on here

      An update on whats happened with me today.....caught up with friends and saw lots of babies, Im pretty much the last one in my group of friends without a bubs and I just felt so sorry for myself and left out. I drove home in tears and had a big old sob when I got home. Then had a good chat with hubby about what we can do this year to bring some happiness and balance to this TTC game. So in the end felt a bit better for having a big cry and my beautiful dear rationale husband made best attempts to understand the emotional rollercoaster I described. Bless his rational heart.

      So now its back to work tomorrow, and another year of trying about to begin. I am determined to be a strong and positive woman about this......when Im feeling positive I think that going through this journey will make me an even better stronger Mum.

      It will be the same for all you wonderful ladies! So heres hoping everyone has a great week and like my little name on here says please be kind to yourselves.



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        Ok now with 2 Emma's I'm going to have to go back to using your avatars so we don't get mixed up!

        bekind - thanks for the IUI info. I seeing FS next week & depending on what she says that could be an option for us. I'm not keen on IVf with all the injections etc.... Want to be as natural as possible.
        Sending you BIG It's all natural & totally ok to sob your heart out now & again & it sounds like you are already a strong woman who doesn't let it get her too down, and your right - you will be an awesome stron Mum!

        Mummy - oooh another week off work you lucky duck! 1st day back for me today & I closed up the shop at 4pm instead of 5pm as it was so quiet! January is always quiet so I'm sure we'll be busy again soon enough. BTW I am also prone to long posts Sometimes I just have SO much to say!. Oh I'm like you - nearly all my friends range from size 10-14, I'm actually wearing a lot of size 18's, but as I am tall my friends say I don't look it. Aren't they wonderful!

        Jess - that's great that you're defo O'ing earlier! It looks like you timed BD'ing well too. We are DTD every 2 days at mo.
        And you sound very motivated with the health kick.
        We've got DH's nephews wedding in 3 weeks so I would like to lose 3kg before then. And I'm aiming to have 3 weeks alcohol free.
        This time last year all I did was eat better & cut out alcohol & chocolate for a month & without doing extra exercise I lost 3kg. Hope it works again.....

        Day off tomorrow - no doubt I'll pop in again


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          Hi Girls!

          It has been so long since I posted in this thread I'm not sure any of you will remember me! LOL!

          DF and I have been trying for around 18 months, but I have had super long cycles - usually around 60 days, but the odd 150 day cycle. I decided to give myself a break for a while and try not to think about it all (how hard is that?!) I decided that I would focus on planning our wedding and getting a new job.

          We planned to head to Vegas in October for the wedding and I had 2 job interviews lined up for this week. Last night I thought I might test, just in case there was the odd chance. No point getting a new job if I can't get maternity leave right? And OMG it's a very clear I am in total shock!! Have had to cancel the job interviews and I guess the wedding won't be in Vegas anymore as I think I must be due around the beginning of September! So I'm super nervous about my little jellybean sticking, but am over the moon! Have an appointment with the GP this afternoon, so am hoping he'll get me a dating scan as I have no idea how far along I am!

          I just wanted to share that with you all so that you don't give up hope! I know it is such a hard journey sometimes, especially when it takes so long for some of us, but it really can happen. I really do wish that it happens very soon for all of you too! Hang in there girls! I think 2010 will be a positive year for all of us! Sending you all heaps of and

          And Congratulations to all those other BFPs out there, especially Iris and Blasko, my original TTC friends!!

          Take care girls and good luck - am thinking of you all and will try to keep in touch!!


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            Oh course you are remembered
            This is great news & it seems like you've now had to change a few things around, but that's all good given the reason why!

            So happy for you - so did you just DTD around when you thought you were fertile? Or just totally willy nilly?
            I just feel now that I will always be aware of when I am fertile so will know when to DTD - trying but not trying IYKWIM!?

            ANYWAY - YAY for you


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              I just thought I'd pop back in to check on you girls to cymba. A big congrats to you. I hope your dating scan tells you late August so we're in the same month. I miss you girls!!


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                Congratulations Cymba!!!


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                  Congratulations Cymba
                  (just thought i would use the x mas pics while there still there)

                  That is great news - i think im going to follow suit.
                  I have a tough week coming up. 11th of Jan is 1 year since BFP and since DF proposed. That bfp ended in MC though so its kinda depressing.
                  (im annoyed at df for proposing on that day for a few reasons, he had been planning to ask me since the nov before and kept chickening out - so he thought when i announced my bfp it was the time to do it. I was annoyed because it felt like he only asked becasue i was pregnant and then when i had mc i thought everytime i think about getting married i think of my crap proposal and baby that never was)
                  Anyway nothing i can do about it now - you cant change history. But its been a year so i might start wedding plans and maybe getting BFP will be a bonus

                  Again congratulations. Are you going to try get married before baby or wait till next year?


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                    QUOTE:That is great news - i think im going to follow suit.end QUOTE

                    I think I will follow suit too for a - Lets all join in!!

                    Jess one comforting this is at least he had been planning all along to ask you anyway. Although I can totally appreciate how you associate what should be a happy & exciting celebration with a sad event in your life. You're right, there's no point dwelling on it as you will just upset yourself more. And anyway, you now have a fabulous wedding day to plan - the future!!
                    When will you look at getting married?? Details please hun....!

                    On the upside for you, I didn't even get a proper proposal & when I watch romantic proposals on TV/movies I get a twang of jealousy.
                    We'd bought my ring in Phuket 6 months before (Sept 07), I was looking at the calendar (Jan 08) & suggested a suitable wedding date to DH for later that year & he said "OK but lets make it official on our holiday in march"
                    So off to Broome we go (March 08) for a week. 2 days before we leave we had a lovely dinner & stroll along Cable Beach & I thought well maybe he might propose properly now as it's such a nice night.
                    But no, we head back to the hotel & I hop into bed & say "you could have proposed back there cos it was such a nice setting". So he comes into bed & whispers "so do you really want to marry me?" I say yes........ & that's it! Nighty night & I started wearing my ring the next day & we rang people. BORING!!!

                    Aaah well, we are happy & had a fantastic wedding day so it's all good


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                      Firstly congratulations to Cymba! So wonderful, Im new on here but its really encouraging to hear others good news!

                      Jess, Good luck moving past the 11th and moving forward planning a fabulous wedding and future. Planning a wedding is such a cool and exciting thing to be focusing on!
                      I dont know if this will help but this strategy works for me....when anniversaries of sad times come by and I get all superstitious and worried that history will repeat itself I think, well my body doesnt know that this specific date has bad memories, and my DH's swimmers dont know either so that kinds of brings things back to rational basics and helps me live in the present a little more. I hope that doesnt sound simplistic or anything, just a way of thinking that helps me cope

                      and talking about story is also not something out of the movies! It was a lovely setting, we got engaged in front of the fireplace when we were on holidays and it was snowing and all romantic....but the lead up took the shine off some of the magic and surprise.....I had been all impatient to get engaged, we'd bought a house, and were on the same page with our futures but the question was just not being popped! So I ended up finding out about the romantic trip he'd planned as a surprise, so once I knew about it I could kind of read between the lines and figure out what was coming so the surprise factor was gone......but now looking back I think it doesnt really matter, our marriage is great so thats the real prize, sorry that sounds so corny doesnt it!

                      My other news is that Im on day 24 of a typically 31/32 day cycle and I caved and did a preg test today and was sad to get a negative. As I was doing it I was hoping in my heart that it might be too early to test but also Im getting some symptoms that suggest AF is on its way so who knows......arrgghh the waiting time is so crap.

                      So everyone, wishing you all a great day ahead and sorry that I managed to write a little novel again!

                      Take care

                      oh and by the way I also loved your quote Jess, I am also going to follow suit!


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                        I just wanted to quickly add that my proposal was not romantic at all.
                        I did HPT with FMU, it was one of those digital ones, so i came running back in the bedroom to show df (who was still sleeping) he was a bit excited then but still half asleep. So i got up as i was too awake and was outside with the dog. Df came out a bit later and sat next to me on a seat with the dog and just said " will you marry me" No bended knee, no ring, no lovely warm up speach nothing. (he was very nervous though) I just said "Yes!, am i allowed to tell people now?"

                        In his defense he didnt get a ring as he knew i would be too fussy and he had no idea what i wanted. (i didnt even know then) So we went to a diamond broker together and had a ring made. Its just a solitair on white gold band. I wanted simple and traditional so i will still be good in 50 years and not outdated.
                        That didnt go too smoothly either as after the ring was made i wanted a few changes to the band and i asked him to take it in but he said Its better if i did as i could describe it better what i wanted changed. I got all mad at him and said. "this isnt even my job, you got away with all this, a crappy proposal and not getting a ring. That is supposed to be the mans job not mine"

                        Wow thinking about it now i was so mean to him. Oh well at least he still wants to marry me!


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                          Hi All

                          I thought I had better pop in for an update!


                          Cymba - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Hopefully you'll have a smooth pregancy ahead!!

                          Jess - Good luck with the anniversary. With any luck Mother Nature will reward you with a BFP really soon so you will have a new anniversary to remember!!!

                          BeKind - I haven't spoken to you yet but Welcome to the fold! I was really happy to have found a place that I could say anything about this whole TTC business and no one would be upset about it! It helped no end. Your stay will be short and sweet

                          Riss, Feather and others -

                          Well got the all clear yesterday from the Doc! I am due on 28th August and am exactly 2 weeks behind where I was supposed to be. Who knows why and frankly who cares! As long as it sticks!!

                          As far as the engagement stories go, I wish I could say mine wasn't a good one but it really was which is surprising cos DH is NOT at all romantic! We were on holidays and he went fishing early on the jetty, I went down to see him and say good morning and said, so what are you doing and he said just trying a new lure. He reeled the line in and showed me the lure and as it turned out, it was my engagement ring!! He said it was the first time in his life that he didn't want to catch a fish!! LOL!

                          Anyway, thats it from me! I'll keep popping back if thats OK with everyone. I still haven't joined another forum. I like everyone in here too much!! Maybe I'll wait till you are all in the Due xxx thread and then I'll go!! Sending heaps of to all of you


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                            Congratulations Cymba

                            I'm so happy for you and your DF.

                            Enjoy every moment


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                              Thanks so much girls!! It is very exciting and a little scary!

                              I got my BT results first thing this morning. My GP rang to tell me the levels are 16,730 - does anyone know if that is high?? It sounds good to me - my GP didn't sound too concerned or anything, so I'm very relieved!! I was thinking I was around 5 weeks. I have an appointment booked in 2 weeks time to go back and see him so that he can organise a scan to get a better idea of how far along I am.

                              Riss - yes plans have changed big time, but we are over the moon and not fussed by it at all! I was actually pretty laid back about the timing of BD'ing...I never knew exactly when I O'd...just had a rough idea, and we are quite active anyway IYKWIM If I thought it was close I would try but didn't want it to become a chore so didn't force it if it didn't happen naturally. I have no idea when I O'd with this cycle but am glad we timed it right! LOL! Hope you have some good news for us soon too!! xx

                              blasko - I'd love it if I were due late August - it's a possibility I think, but I just keep thinking I'm about 5 weeks! Will find out in a couple of weeks and let you know! Maybe we should just start a thread for graduates of this thread, regardless of when we're due!

                              feathergirl - thanks! Hope all is going well for you too - can't believe you are over halfway there already!! Time flies!

                              Jess - am sorry to hear about the tough time coming up - will be thinking of you next week. I think with every negative comes a positive, and even though it wasn't exactly how you hoped it would be, the proposal is a positive thing that will bring you much happiness for years to come! I'm sure your DF loves you very much!! Some men are just not good at the whole romance thing!! You'll always be a little sad around this time of the year - it's something you'll never forget, but it was also the beginning of a new future with DF, and I'm sure it will be a happy one! Good luck hun! Hang in there xx We are thinking of bringing the wedding forward to around Easter, so I'm going to be pretty busy from now on..LOL.

                              bekind - nice to 'meet' you! I hope you just tested too early and have some good news soon too! I have felt like AF is coming for a week or two now, so don't give up hope just yet!!

                              Sam - congratulations to you too hun! Am glad to hear that everything is ok! Sounds like there are a few graduates from this thread due in August - so hopefully I'll scrape in and join you! LOL!

                              sherbie - so good to see you - WOW not long now!! Good luck honey! Can't wait to hear the good news!

                              Well - that turned into a long one from me really. I hope with all my heart that those of you still waiting will be able to join us with our BFPs very very soon! In the meantime am sending you heaps of positivity and


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                                Hi Ladies!

                                Wow, i go away for a few days and it suddenly gets really busy in here!

                                Cymba - we have not met but congrats on your BFP!!! Always nice to hear good news!

                                Bekind - it was probably a bit early to test, leave it a few more days and try again, have my for a BFP for you.

                                Hi to everyone else, I did do a quick read but my holiday brain is not working tonight!

                                So, proposal stories hey! Mine is not overly romantic but it was still very special to me, even though I saw it coming. DH had not hinted at a proposal, even after 7 yrs together, we had not even discussed it that much. I was snooping in DH's work bag one day (I know, very bad but was looking for something else) and stumbled apon a brochure and receipt for a ring from my fave jewellery shop where he always buys me things! I seriously started shaking, couldn't believe it. Well that was Nov and he finally proposed in Jan on the beach. We had been for lunch and then went for a walk along the beach- but he ran off to the car to get some bug spray as he was complaining about the flies (he really went to get the ring as it was in quite a big box!) We walked on the beach and then he made a joke about his ex and I jokingly hit him and said 'That's not nice!' - then he grabbed me, pulls out the ring and said 'Will this make it better - will you marry me?' It took him soooo long to get the ring out of the 2 boxes it was in, hilarious! I even forgot to say yes, he had to ask me again! So I was basically waiting 2 months for him to propose, apparently he nearly did several times but he said at the last moment I would do something to annoy him so he would put it off - the story of our life really

                                Oh and shhhhhhhh, I have never told anyone (especially DH as he would kill me!!) about me snooping and finding the ring receipt, not even my best friend. So you ladies should feel special to share my naughty secret

                                AFM - wish I had some good news like the others! Am confused as to whether I did O on Saturday or whether it might have been later on Mon/Tues. Finally got some CM the last few days so thinking maybe I might have O'd Mon/Tues. If so, I am not holding out any luck for this month either I hate my body, the one month I don't use OPK's and everything stuffs up. Tried on Sun, Mon and Tues to get some bd'ing from DH but he was not having a bar of it - once again getting his knickers in a knot around O time. I think he must be feeling the pressure but not bd'ing is not going to get me UTD. So huge argument yet again. Am going to give him one more month, otherwise something is going to have to change. He has another SA test next week so am hoping we get some good results from that and it improves his way of thinking and makes him feel more positive about the whole thing. If it is still bad news, we may have to look more seriously at IVF

                                So sorry about the long me post again, starting to become a bad habit but just really over it at the moment, it is really putting a strain on our relationship and it's only been 13 months. It helps just to write it all down.

                                Anyway, will see what happens in 2 weeks but I suspect AF will arrive.

                                Chat soon ladies

                                p.s so this post was longer than usual due to the proposal story ok!!