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    Hi ladies

    Will try & keep it short n sweet - had a HUGE weekend, am soooo & had some family dramas after my day started at 6am today. 8pm now & I just want to shower, jimmy jams & bed.....

    Josephine - for Wed, never say never! Sounds like a nice cruisy day tomorrow!

    Sam - best wishes for scan tomorrow

    Mummyplease - Ugh I feel the same, 2.5 days left for me & 6am starts..... Yuk!! I the same as josephine, since going off pill AF nice & light, 1 heavy day, 1 medium, 2 lightish, couple spots after that.... love that part of it!

    Jess - so sorry honey. We know how you feel & we're here to support you!

    YAY - 4 sleeps until :tree:, holidays & meeting my niece. A short week that feels long already

    Hopefully I will pop in before Thursday


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      Morning ladies, first day of holidays for me & DP had to work, so no sleep in for me

      Riss - how exciting about meeting your niece. Hope you have a great time with her & get in lots of cuddles.

      Well i tested this morning & as expected At least i didn't have my hopes up.

      If I don't get in here again I hope you & your families all have a lovely Take care everyone.


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        Morning Ladies

        Last day of work for me, yay

        This years feels like it has gone so slowly, maybe as we have been TTC'ing for a year so it has dragged a bit.

        Jo - sorry that you got a BFN but as they say, it's not over til AF arrives, so I still have my for you!

        Riss, Jess - we are in similar boats at the moment so fingers crossed we all O soon - kinda of nice that it should happen over xmas, we should all be a bit more relaxed hopefully and may not feel as much pressure to 'bd' at certain times - hopefully we will just be getting lots of holiday bd'ing

        AFM, have decided to give myself til March next year and if no BFP, I have told DH that I want to seriously consider IVF as an option, especially if there is no improvement with his SA results.

        Not sure I will be on BH for the next few days but have a fabulous xmas and new years and hopefully santa will bring us our belated BFP's in the NY!


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          Hey Gorgeous Girls

          Just want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas:tree: & I pray that 2010 bring you all a

          Lots of Love



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            Hey all

            Jo - Buggar about the BFN. that AF doesn't show her face though.

            Everyone else

            AFM - I had my scan yesterday and it didn't go as well as I had hoped. According to the scan I'm only 5 weeks today instead of 6 weeks 5 days. Its a little weird and we are a bit concerned that it could be a blighted ovum but I am having another scan next week so I guess we have to wait and see. it is all OK. I will be absolutely devastated if there is no baby.

            Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and I will speak to you all after the next scan. Lots of for you all


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              hello my girls!

              Just popping in quickly again - it's late, I'm still & I can't wait to hit the road to Perth tomorrow arvo as it means I'll be on hols for a week!! Yay!! And I will probably be back in here again end of next week.

              sam - it all works out ok for you

              Josephine - never say never! good luck!

              Mummyplease - it's good to stay positive & explore other options. AFM I won't O til about 5th Jan due to my longer cycles & usually O'ing around day 20. Here's hoping for a rush of new year BFP's.

              everyone else

              Wishing all of you a very merry :tree: with your family/friends/loved ones & lots of love & laughter. As much as I don't want to be on this journey any more it's been great to share the year with such gorgeous girls. Hopefully our visits on BH TTC thread will be shortlived in 2010.
              Sending you all lots of

              Take care...


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                Merry Christmas Everyone

                I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow with your family and loved ones.

                Im due to O on NYE so ill be back then to update you and wish you all a happy new year!


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                  Hi ladies, hope everyone had a lovely xmas. I can't believe it's all over & done with for another year.

                  AF finally arrrived yesterday after 58 days. Hopefully i don't have another long cycle like that again.

                  Anyway, if i'm not back on here again before thursday, hope you all have a fabulous new year.

                  Sending you all lots of


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                    Hi girls

                    I hope you all had a great xmas!

                    Ours was great but looking back it all seems a bit blurry - could that be due to all the alcohol & naughty food...?!
                    My niece is just gorgeous - oh it was sad to leave her behind, it'll be another 3 months until we see her again & she'll be 6 months old then. At least we are lucky enough to see her just that often.... Loved catching up with family & friends too. Spent a bit of time with my SIL family who are really nice people.

                    I think I'm due to O in about 5 days or so - one thing about holidays in the total lapse in memory of where I'm at with my cycle. Couldn't even remember when AF was.... had it written down somewhere..... Wish I was on a permanent holiday!

                    Anyway, will wish you a Happy New Year now We're having a quiet one, bbq with friends. And the diet starts probably Monday - bacon & eggs for brekky tomorrow, no doubt some sort of takeaway over the weekend..... You knw how it is right!


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                      Hi all,

                      I hope you all had a great christmas and have a safe new year.
                      My chrissy was so busy - i was exhausted. Im working tonight until 11 so no big NYE for me - I think im due to O today ill see how my temp is tommorrow.

                      I started my NY resoloution on Mon (i thought i'd get a head start and be in the swing of it before the official NY) im doing well. Im just planning on healty heating 80% of the time and controlled naughty eathing the other 20% I think that sounds sensible and not too hard to stick too.
                      I gave myself a full 8 days rest from the gym and got back into it today and i feel great.
                      we all have good news early 2010


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                        Hi Everyone, can I join the chatter?

                        Hi Everyone, Ive just joined up today and would love to join this thread if its ok?

                        We have been ttc for 18 months naturally and later this month have an appt to start IUI, which I still know very little about but I guess Im about to! At the moment Im feeling frustrated and hopeless about it, and just feel like its all crap! Im in a why me phase!!
                        At the moment Im in luteal phase and due on the 13th Jan so am at the stage where Im wishing and hoping like crazy that we were given a Christmas surprise!

                        For the last little while Ive been hoping that if we just relax and take it easy everything will sort itself out but no luck, I am surrounded by lots of friends with beautiful new babies and its so hard not to feel envious.

                        Im sorry I didnt intend my first post to be a whinger but it is so nice to vent! I would love to share the ups and downs, and provide support as well, wishing you all the very best for this year. You all sound like amazing strong women!

                        Take care


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                          Jess - I like your way of thinking 80/20 rule. I have taken that on board. Weighed myself yesterday - 88.6kg , have put on about 6kg since our wedding 15mths ago. Have decided not on a diet, but just healthier eating. Just got to up the exercise too...

                          Welcome Emma - we've not had many newbies of late...
                          Totally hearing all you had to say - we're onto cycle 10 (11months) & I'm going to FS in 2 weeks.
                          Tell me about IUI - is it the 'natural' way where they take the egg & sperm out, put them in a dish to fertilise then put them directly to your uterus?? Or am I mixing it with something else?
                          for the 13th & you may not need it after all!
                          You've come to a great place to vent/chat/make wonderful new friends!

                          AFM - waiting to O hopefully on Tuesday. After last months debacle I did mention about wanting to DTD every 2 days around this O. I have not mentioned again, & I won't as I don't want to put him off.

                          On a very light note, DH has been out fertilising the new watermelon plant he has cultivated. There's not many insects around to pollenate so to do it manually you basically rub the male & female flowers together..... oh I wish it were so easy for us! I said that to him & he said I was his flower!! Corny

                          I went back to work today just for 4 hours, back properly on Monday. It was a waste of time today - not even $40 an hour! Hope it picks up again sooner rather than later.

                          Ciao for now


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                            Hi everyone,

                            Very quiet in here.
                            Im 3 dpo. My post O temps are a bit low im hoping they start to go up.

                            I concieved last x mas and got my BFP on Jan 11. I will be 11 DPO this Jan 11 and im not going to test on that day (very bad luck i think as the last ended in MC, im a bit superstitious)

                            I hope i can wait until the 14th (14 DPO) to test unless af comes first.

                            I hope lucky number 3 on clomid works. I cant believe I O on CD 13 now considering before I was taking it I O'd on like CD 39 sometimes. I love not having to wait that long.

                            If no luck this round im back to the FS, I think he wants to try 1 more round (so 4 in total) before we move on and try something else (not sure what that will be)

                            Anyone else in the TWW or about to O.

                            Riss - im still sticking to my 80% rule. Im 7 days in and still going strong. I have to go to a hens night on Jan 30th and the wedding on Feb 13th so i want to lose a few KG before then.

                            I really really really hope i get my BFP this month. Next cycle will be 18 months of TTC, im really over it now.


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                              Thanks and hello again

                              Originally posted by riss View Post
                              Tell me about IUI - is it the 'natural' way where they take the egg & sperm out, put them in a dish to fertilise then put them directly to your uterus?? Or am I mixing it with something else?
                              for the 13th & you may not need it after all!
                              You've come to a great place to vent/chat/make wonderful new friends!
                              Hi Everyone and thanks for the welcome Riss

                              My very basic understanding of IUI is that a sample from hubby is inserted using cathatar on the day of ovulation to ensure the boys meet the egg at exactly the right time. I think it can be done with no medication for me, or with hormones and trigger injection, as my fertility specialist said, its a giddy up! I like that way of thinking about it, even though we are 18 months in I am really trying to avoid becoming too technical and dry about it all

                              I loved your story about the watermelon, if only it were that easy! and how cute was your hubbys response to you!

                              Jess and everyone else wishing you a whole heap of luck for a BFP, I can so relate to being over it!

                              take care everyone and hope those nasty AF's stay away!



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                                Hi Ladies

                                I'm back after a little break, busy with xmas and NY. Hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends.

                                My laptop froze earlier and I lost a post so won't write too long a post incase it happens again...but then I always say that and my posts are never short

                                Riss - I hear you about putting on weight since the wedding, I am probably up 6kgs too in the last year since we got married, there will be tears tomorrow when I jump on the scales after a weekend away with friends, lots of eating and a bit of drinking too. My 'diet' starts tomorrow, need to drop a little bit before starting work next Monday - have to fit my work clothes- and then work on the remaining weight! I am literally looking & feeling like a bloated whale at the moment after xmas, not helped by most of my friends being a svelt size 8-10 and me a 12-14

                                Jess - good luck cutting back too, it looks like we are all in the same boat which is comforting at least!

                                Emma - welcome to our cosy bunch of ladies, it is really nice to have people to chat/vent to about this whole TTC business! I am an Emma too and also 33 so we have a few things in common already We have been ttc about 13 months, I have PCOS and DH has poor sperm morphology - basically sperms with dodgy shaped heads! for you this month and for next time if you go along the IUI road. I wish we had that option as it is cheaper then IVF which may be our next option.

                                AFM, I stupidly forgot to order more OPK's this month (i blame xmas!) so have gone it alone and really have no idea when/if i O'd. Just looked back at the last 4 months to try and get an idea of how my body works and looks like I get a +ve OPK on about CD15 and then have a 18 day LP (longer than normal?) and roughly a 32 day cycle. Sooooooo, I could have o'd yesterday (going by previous cycles) but really not sure as I have oddly had pretty much no CM this cycle and just a few ovary pains & bloated boobs (norm for me). We BD on Wed and Fri and then went away for 2 nights with friends so didn't get another chance. Will see how things go tonight incase I o'd late - not sure if DH is in the mood though Hopefully I did O yesterday as that would make our BD timing pretty good.

                                Did I mention that I am soooooooooooooooo over TTC so my luck had better improve in 2010 after a yuck 2009.

                                Anyway, enough from me, I have another week off work so I will no doubt be back on soon for more to get me through the TWW.