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  • Hmmm, where is everyone I seem to be the only one posting in here these sad

    Not much happening, just waiting to see if AF will arrive on Thursday or earlier.

    Have had weird 'aches' all across my lower tummy all morning and yesterday my right ovary (or thereabouts) was sore too. It is a really weird feelings so not sure why that is happening. I have a feeling I could have another UTI although no pain when I am going to the loo? I have read that it can be a pregnancy sign but it is an ache, not cramping?

    My (.)(.) are a bit achy today too but that could be AF related as well. Crashed on the couch for a nap yesterday which have not done in ages.

    Anyway, if my temp is still high tomorrow, I might test, I have a few internet cheapies from last month!

    Hope everyone is having a nice Monday, I am struggling today


    • Hi everyone,
      oh my goodness is it still only Monday! Arrgh need the weekend already!

      Mummyplease, I am crossing everything that the symptoms are for a BFP! The wait is just so crap isnt it. take care of yourself, and if it does end up being a BFN try to console yourself with the plans that you already have underway for this year. When I get completely over it all I try and remember that its ok because we've got the IUI and IVF path coming up.

      Riss, In case you are reading, hope you are coping ok, that your Mum is doing well and that you are looking afteryourself in the meantime.

      Cat, I also agree please stick around, who cares about a birthday here or there! Good luck and looking forward to chatting through this crazy journey!

      Sam, thinking of you and hoping that the heart monitor and tests went ok today. I hope you can get some breathing space and some calm so you can get back to feeling back to normal. Thanks too for the encouragement on my bike riding, I am loving it! and dont worry about stacking, Ive fallen about 20 times I reckon, my knees and shins look like Im 8 years old again, its pretty funny!

      Jo, beach break sounds lovely and just whats needed for a birthday celebration. Have fun!

      Babyjoy, hope your cycle and tests are giving you some answers, isnt it just the pits when you get a long cycle and cant pin down the O. Take care and hope your having a good week.

      AFM, not much to report, Im on CD 13, and since Im not testing or anything at the moment I have no idea if Im O'ing. I have noticed that CF is starting to increase so will still try and get in some what could be well timed BD'ing! Otherwise I am trying (not successfully) to put my mind off of TTC and concentrating on planning the trip. I keep telling myself that we have our plans in place, and it will happen for us but in the meantime I am so sick of waiting!!!

      Can I ask is anyone else crazy like me, and is anyone else hanging out for the time when you can use this emoticon??....
      every time I see it I think, wow I wish I was pregnant with morning sickness! I bet that will come back and bite me but at the moment its really really true! Sorry to finish off on that note, heres some sunshine to balance it out!

      take care everyone and hope you have a good will be Friday soon I hope!!!


      • Morning Ladies

        Just a quick post from me as I will be flat out at work today - finally!

        Bekind - Goodluck in the next few days, hopefully you O soon!

        AFM - temp was still quite high this morning so I tested but BFN. Really disappointed and I am sure I will sulk today but as Bekind said, I just have to look at the bigger picture which for us is IVF. I just really wanted this month to be our month so we could have a 2010 bubba!

        Just after I tested, I started getting cramps which feel suspiciously like AF cramps, damn witch.

        Oh a happier note, both our police checks arrived last night and so going to get DH blood test done today and to drop off all the other IVF forms - progress at least as I thought I had stuffed up the police check forms!

        Just like Bekind, I would love to use the icon as well as the one too But not this month I guess

        Enjoy your day, hopefully it goes quickly for everyone!


        • Morning ladies

          Mummy - sending you lots of . Good news about the police checks though, & that you are finally seeing some progress.

          Bekind - I would love to use those icons too. we will all be using them very soon. Thanks for the bday wishes, can't believe its that time of year again. How depressing.

          CD13 for me & yesterday i noticed quite a bit of EWCM (sorry if TMI) so i'm hoping that means i'm about to O & a much shorter cycle. Didn't notice much this morning though. DP's bday today so i'm sure we'll be bding tonight anyway

          Sending you all lots of


          • Hi All

            Jo - that you have caught the egg this month with lots of Birthday BDing (plural!!)

            Mummy - So sorry about the BFN. They really really suck! Hopefully though AF will be short and sweet and you can start IVF really soon.

            Bekind - Good luck with trying to ignore TTC. Its really difficult to try and think about other things. We all thought when we were little girls that having babies was going to be sooo easy and it totally isn't. The trip planning sounds like a great diversion though.

            Babyjoy - Good luck with the day 21 bloods. Its great to have them so you know for sure. I could never get FF or OPK's to show if I ovulated (not sure if I'm doing it right) but the blood work confirmed that I am indeed ovulating so its just a matter of timing! I hope the sugar cravings disappear too. I'm totally not strong enough to get off sugar. I love it way too much

            Cat - Welcome back to the group. Hopefully your little break from TTC will prove fruitful and you'll be buggering off to the When are you due section soon!

            Riss - I hope your Mum is recovering well and that you aren't under too much stress. Sending you lots of (just in case you need them)

            Everyone else - Hi and I hope you are all having a great week

            AFM - Had the heart monitor on for 24 hours and typically my heart didn't do anything weird (or at least that I could feel). Blood pressure is slowly coming down again which is good. Overall I feel much better than I did a week ago. AF only lasted for 48hrs and was super light (only needed a panty liner and even then only barely- sorry if TMI). I was expecting the mother of all AF's so you can imagine my surprise/delight! I only wish I could say it was implantation bleeding, that would be awesome! Oh well not to worry. Not much else to report so I had better do some work. Speak to you soon


            • Hi there beautiful ladies

              Just popping in to say a general hidey ho - things are busy, but not in a stressful way thank goodness.

              Some very short & sweet personals:

              Cat - welcome back, please stay!! I will be 36 in July & I don't want to leave here. Stay in touch won't you, it's great to 'see' you again!

              Mummy - shame about -ve but good all your paperwork is getting there ready to be ship shape for the next part of your journey. Great weight loss too BTW - well done!

              BKTY - thanks for your thoughts hun. I want to use all the emoticons too

              Jo - to you & DP, enjoy your break, 2 nights is better than none at all!

              Babyjoy - if you want some help charting just feel free to PM me, or there is a great BBT thread back on the main page of this section. Hope you're staying sugar free!

              Sorry & hello to anyone I missed.

              AFM - things are going ok. Had a great weekend in Perth just gone with my sister, we went to see Rob Thomas as Day on the Green & it was awesome. The night was just beautiful (as was he!! LOL!) Had a couple of wines... very enjoyable. Off to Perth with DH for this weekend - staying at the Hilton & seeing Chicago, can't wait.

              Mum starts chemo tomorrow, she had a number 1 hair cut today & I think I was more sad than she! But she's a tough cookie, I will pick her up from the hospital after work. It is working out very convenient for her to have it up here.

              I had 2 promising phone calls about selling our business today - I am sending out so many into the universe to get a sale!

              Re TTC, I can't be sure where we're at. If I take the 1st day of the m/c as day 1 then I'm day 34 today with a temp of 36.9. I'm just doing my temps as a guide to when to expect AF. My hormone level at time of pregnancy was very very low so I think AF will prob just be a day or 2 late in next few days..... or maybe not at all

              Hope you are all well, enjoy the rest of your weeks & the weekend & I shall pop by next week


              • Morning Ladies

                Jo - I hope that you O'd the other day and got plenty of bd'ing in! Happy bday for this weekend, have a lovely day!

                Sam - great that AF was kind to you the other day and that your blood pressure has gone down. Good luck for your next cycle, for you.

                Riss - I hope your mums chemo goes well today. I agree she sounds like a tough cookie and is very brave to be chopping off her hair before treatment, I would find that really hard. Great that you had some good calls about selling your business, I hope one of them works out for you. that AF does stay away this month!

                Hi to everyone else

                AFM, my temp took a big nose dive today so expecting AF at some point today - at least my cycle would be back to 32 days after the long one last month. Really bad pains in my right ovary this morning so not sure what that is all about, I hope that doesn't mean that AF is going to be nasty this month

                A bit sad that AF will be here soon as I start the pill in 5 days so no ttc'ing next month which will be weird. Still, we have our nurse and accounts meeting next Wed and most of the IVF paperwork has been done so at least the ball is rolling....I just want everything to happen yesterday

                Also sad that I won't get a 2010 baby - silly I know but means I will be closer to 35 when I hopefully have my first bubba - just never thought it would take this long and just makes me wonder how old I will be when no. 2 comes along!

                Looking fwd to the weekend, I am getting my hair cut (something different this time is called for I think!) which always cheers me up!


                • Happy Friday ladies

                  Thanks for the birthday wishes.

                  Mummy - bugger about the drop in temp, but as you say at least things are starting to happen with the IVF. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend to take your mind off things. Enjoy your new hairstyle

                  Riss - glad to hear that you are not too stressed at the moment. I hope your mum's chemo goes well & you have a wonderful weekend with DH. Keeping my that you get a good offer on your business soon & that AF stays away.

                  Sam - great news about your blood pressure coming down & that you are starting to feel much better. Let's hope that's your last AF for awhile.

                  everyone else

                  AFM not much to report. Don't think that i have o'd yet so not sure what the EWCM was about. Hopefully it happens soon though as I am so over these long cycles & not knowing where I'm at in my cycle. Heading down to the beach tonight & i'm really looking forward to that. Hopefully DP finishes work early so that we can head down sooner as it's going to be hot today.

                  Hope you wonderful ladies all have a great weekend. Sending lots of


                  • Hi Ladies,
                    Weekend is nearly here!! yay!!

                    josephine - happy birthday for sat! and you can pinpint when you o this month. having the EWCM and not o'ing does seem odd. how frustrating! mixed signals!

                    riss - hope all went well with your mum's chemo. and have a good w/e in Perth... u lucky thing!

                    mummypls - didn't even realize that we're running out of time to have a 2010 baby! so it's gotta happen this cycle or next cycle huh? arghhh! well i really hope that 2010 is the year of your bfp and a happy healthy baby in 2011!

                    bekind - i wonder if forgetting about ttc and therefore being more relaxed and less obsessed, may make it your lucky month this month....

                    AFM, CD24 and guess what? finally ovulated around day 22. got the positive on the OPK and my temps are now up. whew! glad i wasn't screwing things up with the charting after all. Also got EWCM around this time so fingers-crossed. so given i didn't ovulate till around day 22, those day 21 blood tests are probably not going to show much! might give the OB a ring on monday to see if he wants to send me out for another blood test... not sure if that's procedure though with those tests.

                    Still going strong on the sugar-weaning thing. Not really craving it but I have realized I was eating my sugary treats more out of habit.... habit of wanting something sweet for morning tea or dessert after a meal even though I didn't really need it. I think another week or so should reaffirm my new habit of not eating something sweet everyday. after that, I'll start to have sweets during parties/special occasions. hopefully after all this time, once i start to have sugary treats again, i will find some to be too sweet whereas before there was no such thing as too sweet for me.

                    anyway, have a really great weekend!


                    • Hiya Ladies

                      Wow, had to go searching for our thread, it had disappeared to page 3...shock horror!

                      Does that mean that everyone is really busy or just trying not to think about ttc

                      Josephine - hope you had a nice bday on the weekend and that you were spoilt by DP!

                      Babyjoy - great news that you o'd, hope you fit in some well times bd'ing Good to hear that you are still cutting back sugary treats, it is hard isn't it. I have started sneaking some chocolate back into my diet - just in moderation though! I have lost about 2kgs in the last few weeks and it's amazing how much difference it makes in my clothing!

                      AFM - well AF turned up right after my last post on Thursday and I was not particularly happy about it, if fact I was extremely moody/grumpy Thurs & Friday - but I am back to normal now.

                      First meeting with IVF is in 2 days so I will find out what is happening then - am a bit confused about everything (literally!) so hopefully I will get a few things sorted out. At this stage I think we won't get started til after this cycle but who knows? I am a tad impatient and just want everything to happen TODAY

                      Had a bit of a stress attack late last week about the money side of things and the rebate amount - damn google, it always gives me way too many ideas!

                      Apart from that, started back on the pill today which I know will annoy me - might see if I can stop it as my cycle was back to normal this month.

                      Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I did nothing which was perfect!

                      Chat soon....please start chatting or I will end up chatting to myself in here


                      • ok better keep mummypls company....

                        I spoke to the OB who will send me for another blood test tomorrow after I told him I possibly ovulated around day 22. The day 21 tests I took last week did show an oestrogen peak indicating that ovulation was imminent. So we'll see what these tests show but all signs are pointing to 'unexplained infertility' as I am ovulating. Somewhat conforting but still just as frustrating! I remain ever hopeful that this is our month though as we definitely timed our bding very well! Actually, haven't mentioned this yet, but this cycle I have started a course of chinese herbs with a lady who specializes in fertility issues and she did say my issue wasn't with ovulation but with my immune system. She said the course of herbs will take about 3 months and not to get my hopes up in those 3 months... but like I said, i still remain hopeful. we could get lucky!

                        Apart from that, found out a friend of mine is planning on starting a family when they go off on holidays. she's planning on 'conceiving it there so we'll have a baby in a year's time max' were her exact words. sheesh!!!!! I remember when I had similar ideas when DH and I decided to start a family but a year and a half later, all naivety/wishful thinking is well and truly out the window. Although given everyone around me seems to fall pregnant with a drop of a hat, she will no doubt have a baby in a year's time max!

                        Ok enough from me.


                        • Hi everybody, sorry I feel bad I havent been chatty but you are right mummyplease, Ive been in the trying not to think about TTC camp! Its been working sort of 50% of the time!

                          Mummyplease, Awesome news that your appt is this week, and I hope that you get all your questions answered so you can have the plan of attack a bit straightened out. Crap that AF arrived but good news that the cycle was back on track. I so understand about you wanting everything to happen today, I am so similar, the wait and journey is sometimes unbearable but its going to be worthwhile for us all soon. I can feel it!

                          Babyjoy, it is great news that its looking like ovulating is happening all well. I am also in the 'unexplained infertility' group and while its good to know that everything is working as it should, its also enough to drive you mental because if its all working then why hasnt it worked by now! arrgghh! I swear those terms are sent to try us. In my calmer moments I try to see each test, and each hurdle crossed as one step closer......and thats what we all are each day! also I was another one like your friend that had a 'plan' for conception, timing etc.....and 20 months down the track thats long gone! this must be part of a plan to try and teach me patience or something!!

                          Josephine, hope you had a great relaxing birthday weekend at the beach and that you have come home feeling calm and happy

                          Riss, Rob Thomas on the green sounds wonderful! glad you had a ball I hope that your Mums chemo is going smoothly as it can and that those bits of interest you had in the business are turning out well. Sending you lots of good luck all round!

                          Sam, Hope you are going well and that your heart problems are dissapearing since all went well with your tests last week.

                          not much else to report from me, Im now in the dreaded TWW. Had lots of BDing around the time that I think ovulation occurred but since Im not using OPK or anything I cant be sure. Ive had more cramps than usual around Ov time, not sure what that means? Otherwise just trying to keep busy, relax and look after myself. Bike riding going awesome! I was out for an hour riding on the weekend, its a miracle! haha

                          take care everyone and have a good week


                          • Morning ladies,

                            Aaargh I just had to change my signature to 32

                            Had a lovely bday thanks, but did have one moment when I realised I probably won't have a baby until i'm 33 at the earliest. Certainly not what I was hoping for. All our ideas about conceiving quickly are also long gone.

                            Bekind - hope you are surviving the TWW so far. that you did time your bding right & this is your month.

                            Babyjoy - great news about probably o'ing. That is a relief, especially with some well timed bding. those herbs work quickly. As you say you never know.

                            Mummy - good luck with your appointment. I hope you get some answers to your queries & I look forward to hearing all about it. Sorry to hear about AF arriving but glad that your cycle is back on track. I hope that you don't have to stay on the pill. I would hate to have to go back on it at the moment.

                            AFM still waiting to see if I o'd. I think that i did over the weekend, as i had a bit of EWCM & a few little niggles in my lower tummy. Guess i just have to wait & see what FF does with my temps. DP spoilt me over the weekend which was lovely & it was nice to just relax & not do much. No housework, no gardening, it was great

                            Have a great day ladies


                            • Hi everyone , well its my turn now to stalk our little thread and chatter to myself!

                              Im on cycle day 22 and struggling in this crappy TWW. Its getting to that stage in the cycle where I am sensing every tiny twinge and symptom thinking maybe, maybe not, maybe, maybe not...

                              How is everyone else going?

                              thinking of you all and hoping your week is going more patiently than mine!


                              • Hi Ladies

                                Well I typed a post yesterday arvo and then lost it and ran out of time to I will make sure I copy it today before I post, so annoying!

                                Hope you are all well and enjoying your Thursday.

                                Jo - great that you had a good bday, I hope you did O too!

                                bekind - the tww sucks doesn't it Weird that I won't have to bother with that this month, I think I might even miss it though! Good luck!

                                Babyjoy - I hope that you did O when you thought you did! Have to laugh at women who assume that they will fall pregnant asap- although it does happen to many women! Part of me always knew I would take a while, hadn't planned on DH having the issues though

                                AFM - had my first apts with IVF yesterday to get the ball rolling, have started taking the pill which I need to do for another 3 weeks or so. The cycle I am on takes about 6-7wks which is SO long but apparently is more successful with producing more follicles/eggs etc.

                                The money side of things is quite depressing, will end up about $4500 out of pocket which is yet another different story I have been told. The accounts lady said that medicare have no clues but the info they have was told to them by the head of medicare.

                                Not looking forward to all the drugs and needles. Was good to have DH there to hear about possible side effects (moodiness etc) of the drugs, so at least he knows it is the drugs and not me!

                                Nothing else to report, a bit of a wait until the actual egg transfer which will be about mid April.

                                Chat soon and to everyone