Anyone know with os Asian egg donors that are part of clinics, do you must travel overseas to meet the clinic, before they can start you on a cycle? I have heard fresh has better success rate, however would rather do a frozen due to covid. Do os clinics do frozen at all? Sorry having a lot of questions, feeling a little overwhelmed.
Another tricky situation, apparently can't bring ehgs/sperms unto victoria due to the law, so it would mean the DE need to be sent to a different clinic that's based in other states.

I have thought about getting DE in Victoria and it's not an issue, however, it will not be an Asian Donor. At this point, It no longer bothers me as much bug I have fear thus becomes s huge issue one day if I end up having A DE child, would I or the child recieve endless verbal abuse or attentions? DH is Caucasian, he prefers an Asian ED, the trouble is nknd can be found [emoji848]

Anyone had done more research on this? Tia.