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What is your experience with implantation bleeding?

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  • What is your experience with implantation bleeding?

    Hey y’all!

    This may be the wrong place to ask this, but my cycle is like clockwork(if I were on a desert island, I could create a calendar by it) and my period is still three or four days off. I had some cramps yesterday, and I’ve been having a bit of bleeding and cramping today. A little more than spotting, less than my normal period(which also usually starts with brown blood.)

    It seems like way too much still for implantation bleeding. What are your experiences with implantation bleeding, if you’ve had it, or what have you heard from your friends and loved ones? I’ve heard of people mistaking it for their period but then I hear it’s just meant to be a bit of spotting. Please help a confused girl out!

    P.S. Yes, I have a pregnancy test in my hot little hands- I’m waiting to see if I get my “real” period or if this is my “real” period just super duper early??? Body, why you so weird??

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    I've had 7 pregnancies and only my 4th I had implantation bleeding. I thought my period was coming early because I felt awful. I literally had two pink spots one afternoon and thought my period would start that night but it didn't.

    I think my cousin had a few swipes of pink with her daughter.


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      I definitely feel awful. Maybe something’s up. My uterus is packing up and heading for the hills. (Can’t blame her.)

      It’s gotta be an early period, but this will really mess me up. I already have a 25 day cycle. :/

      Thanks for sharing! [emoji3590]


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        From forum reading I used to think it's urban myth untill a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting AF on Friday/ Sat day 30 or 31 as per usual. Period didn't come but got usual mild cramping and sore boobs as usual. Sunday morning as I was half asleep went to bathroom and as I wiped saw a fair bit of old blood, exactly how my period usually start. Later that day a small patch on pad. Tested Monday and BFP but the and we'd continued to get droplets of brown. I am 6wks 3 days preg now.


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          I have a 28 day cycle and on CD21 through to CD25 I had spotting. I went to the doctor concerned about something else & she told me it could be a few things (implantation included) and to keep an eye on it.
          CD27 I felt a little uneasy eating so I tested & boom, BFP!


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            I got IB the day my period was due. The cramps felt very much like early signs of af. I had enough spotting to need to use a liner & it lasted nearly a week x


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              With this current pregnancy (30 weeks) I had brown implantation bleeding a few days after a positive test, and it lasted for 10 days. It was mostly brown discharge with the occasional spotting on a panty liner. I thought I was starting to miscarry, but my HCG levels continued to rise, and my midwife said although the length of time was unusual it was likely to still be implantation.
              Good luck!
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                Well, the pregnancy test the day AF was due was a BFN, but the bleeding has dried up(day after my period was due) and what’s more fun- I started LACTATING!

                No, I’ve never been pregnant, but I was on a medication that made me lactate once, and I’m guessing either SOMETHING hormonal is up or I have a tumour, haha. (I joke, with my medical history I’d just be like, sigh, okay, add it to the pile...)

                Thank you ladies so much for sharing your stories and reminding me that our bodies are truly not machines, pregnant or not! [emoji178]