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Can progesterone supplements prolong miscarriage?

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  • Can progesterone supplements prolong miscarriage?

    Hi Ladies

    I found out 3 days ago that I'm pregnant. I had some light bleeding and so my OB suggested I take progesterone pessaries so I did. The bleeding has completely stopped but I've also noticed that the few symptoms I did have 3 days ago e.g. tender breasts have now disappeared. Could this mean I am having a miscarriage but the progesterone is masking it and therefore no bleeding? I should mention that I've had 2 chemical pregnancies within the last year.

    Appreciate any help, I'm literally going crazy not knowing


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    That’s a really good question. I might be going on Progesterone after Wednesday when I see my Ob. I will ask him. Hope you’re okay and this is a sticky one xx


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      Thank you! Yes please if you could let me know what your Ob says that would be great xx


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        Firstly, sorry you are experiencing this uncertainty. I’ve been there and it’s not fun!

        Progesterone can stop bleeding which is a good thing if it’s supporting your pregnancy (that’s your OB’s plan!) but if it’s a miscarriage then eventually you will start bleeding again even on progesterone.

        Have you had a blood test? For peace of mind, I’d be asking to test your HCG and P4 (progesterone). Ask for two tests, two days apart. Your HCG should roughly double over the 48 hours. Your OB or GP can order the tests. If you’ve already had one test just get another one and there are doubling time calculators online that can check different time periods so you can see if your HCG is rising ok.

        I hope this is a sticky one for you xx



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          Originally posted by AX2018 View Post
          Thank you! Yes please if you could let me know what your Ob says that would be great xx
          I’m on Progesterone as of today. If the miscarriage is due to something wrong with the embryo or implantation, Progesterone won’t help. If it is due to low progesterone, taking progesterone MAY prolong a miscarriage but it’s usually very obvious with blood tests if it is working or not. Hope this helps xx


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            Thanks ladies for all your help! My HCG is rising nicely and no bleeding. Fingers crossed this one sticks! xx


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              Yay [MENTION=152554]AX2018[/MENTION]!