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TTC and anxiety/panic attacks

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  • TTC and anxiety/panic attacks

    Hi ladies

    I would love to hear stories about anyone suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

    I have been on zoloft for many many years and in the last 6 months got off them in preparation to have a baby but I am still suffering withdrawals from them (RAGE ISSUES!!!)
    I so upset cause I just dont know how im meant to conceive and have a baby if I feel this way but at the same time this is what I want! I recently got married and then plan was to try straight away! How long will I have to wait!!!

    Any stories I would love to hear! How you dealt with it or still dealing with it! What happened when you conceived, did things get better or worse?

    Thanks girls!

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    Hi Chriouschildcare,

    I don't know exactly how you feel and have not been in your position so cant really help you, but I could not read and then not post.

    I have not had any personal stories but I do have a few really close friends that have had really bad anxiety in their lives. DH is one of them, He has taken Zoloft since i met him and wanted to be able to drop dosage so he went to a counsellor/psychologist. This totally changed his life, and he is a completely different person and is able to lead a totally different lifestyle than he was living before. HOWEVER, he had seen other psychologists over the years that did not help as much so I think the key is finding someone who works for you.

    Also, I have a close friend who is also taking Zoloft, and she was told that it is safe to continue to take it wile TTC and pregnant?

    Hope you are feeling better


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      Thankyou for the reply.

      I have tried many counsellors as well and I think I just havent found the right one because even though they make me feel better at the time, I am still dealing with this so I obviously havent taken anything on from them.

      My doctors have also told me I can take Zoloft while pregnant but have said they were small risks (not high at all but still risks) and I thought if something was to happen to baby I couldn't forgive myself for taking the meds so instead I will get off them and do everything I can do give my baby a healthy start!

      Im off to the docs today to discuss and also seeing a naturopath later this week to see what options I have

      Fingers crossed there are natural ways to relieve my symptoms


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        Hi OP, I have a history of depression and severe anxiety. It only got worse once I had my son. That is actually when I started taking medication. I have seen numerous counsellors over the years also but never stuck with one long enough to get any benefit from it.

        What has finally worked for me is a journey of self discovery and learning to meditate.

        Why are you anxious, what makes you anxious (you don't need to answer here, just what you should be asking yourself). You need to tackle this problem because medication is not a long term solution. You said you have been on Zoloft for a long time? I would really suggest learning how to meditate and trying to overcome your anxiety without the medication.

        Good luck OP, I know its a horrible place to be in.


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          Thank you

          I have been on Zoloft for about 5 years or more but recently got off over a 6 month period to slowly come off it coz we ate ttc soon and I don't wanted to be on it but now I've read so much about it id never want to get back on it

          Im starting up yoga in the next few weeks and trying natural remedies. I want to get this sorted naturally from now on. I know where my anxiety comes from, my OCD worries so I sort of have 2 issues to deal with but I wanna be a good mum and be healthy to grow a baby but I just hate putting ttc each month cause I'm not sure I'm ready in my mind