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Hi all - section tweaking .. watch this space ..

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  • Hi all - section tweaking .. watch this space ..


    ok .. so there has been some discussion - and some conflict regarding what this section is here for ... INITALLY .. we had looked at a section purely for people who have come to the end (absolutely end) of their journey to add to the family .. HOWEVER we have since been contacted by many many members who feel that they dont have a section in our forum that fits them.

    PLEASE NOTE - this section will therefore evolve a little over the next few weeks, while we try to ensure that the needs of ALL bubhubbers are taken into account.

    Tonight I have opened a passworded area in the childless but not by choice area .. THAT AREA is for people who have absolutely 100% ended their journey, the area is passworded, and people will need to request the password before they can join. I am aware that there is also a closed social group (and thats wonderful - any support that bubhubbers can give to each other is fantastic) - so please use both areas as needed.

    I will now tweak the posting rules for the childless by choice area, so that more members can find the support they need. I have been blown away by the number of members who have contacted the moderating team concerned that while they were 'childless not by choice' there was no real area for them to vent/ find support - unless they posted in a TTC area .

    PLEASE NOTE - this is not an area where you can discuss the pros and cons of different fertility treatments (there are areas set up for those topics) - this is an area where you can get support for your feelings/ experiences/ wants/ needs etc regarding the topic of childless - but not by choice.

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    I'm new to the forum and was wondering how I go about getting the password to access the area for people who are definitely at the end of their journey? Could you please let me know.



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      Is this forum still going? And how do we obtain the passcode?