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Seeking gestational surrogate in WA

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  • Seeking gestational surrogate in WA

    We are seeking a surrogate mother to carry our baby. We have been extraordinarily fortunate to have one child who is just wonderful. We understand there are people who need surrogates far more than us, so we bear that in mind and wish everyone the best of luck in starting their families.

    We are very, very keen to have a second child and whilst I believe that our eggs and sperm are ok, I suffer terribly from hyperemesis gravidarum for the entire pregnancy, which requires hospitalisation. HG is a relatively rare condition, and I have the most intense form of it during pregnancy. The effects are extreme illness which is debilitating and threatens both the mum and foetus. It is a condition of the mother, not the baby and disappears the day after delivery.
    We yearn for another child and all the joy they bring with them, but are fearful for the negative impact the pregnancy will have on both the unborn baby and on our toddler.

    Once again, we realise how fortunate we already are, but if anyone is able to assist our family we would love to hear from you.

    thank you

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    Hi simrach, I tried to use that link but it tells me it is invalid..?
    can you have a look at it please?


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      Hi minimonkey

      I've just removed that link - it was to a deleted thread (which is why it wouldn't work).

      sorry that I cant be more helpful - and I hope that you will find the help and support that you are looking for.



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        It seems to me that your wish is sincere and I think there will be some option just for you. It is great that you value the gift of giving birth so much.
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