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Gestational Surrogacy in Queensland questions

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  • Gestational Surrogacy in Queensland questions

    Hi there
    I am new to Australia and was just wondering how it all works in comparison to New Zealand.
    I understand that being able to do surrogacy in Queensland is all really new.
    Are you allowed to be a surrogate if you have had c sections with your births?
    Do you have to have completed your family?

    I only ask as I did a gestational surrogacy in New Zealand.
    Went through the ethics commity, councelling sessions (we had intended parents, egg donor & partner, me and my DH), did the whole IVF process to have it not work and had no embryos on ice. Intended parents couldn't afford to do it again, so that is where it ended.
    Was quiet deflating to say the least to have that kind of outcome after all the work put in to try and make it work.
    But was also very educational and got to know some really nice people in the process.
    I have had c sections with all 3 of my children and I have a letter from my obstertrician to say that I have the all clear for any future births to be c sections.

    What is the ethics process like here?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi, how disappointing for your IPs to go through all that and not even even get any embryos. Surrogacy is legal in most Australian states but while the laws differ slightly between states the process is essentially the same as what you have described. If your doctor has cleared you for another pregnancy and birth, I can't see why your previous c-sections would be an issue. The main issue with c-sections is that many hospitals are not comfortable in letting the baby go home with anyone other than the birth mother so the birth mother's longer stay in hospital after a c-section may result in a longer period in hospital for the baby as well. I think that it is wonderful that you are considering trying again


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      I have always felt it is an amazing gift to be able to have children and there are so many people out there who have taken it for granted.
      I also think it sucks that because you can naturally have children yourself, that you have to prove to I don't know how many different people, that you will make good parents, yet there are people who mis treat children that never get asked if they can provide let alone be good parents.

      Sorry will step off my soap box, lol.


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        Where do you go to get in contact with possible IP's?
        In NZ we have a website that we could be a part of in get to know IP's that way.
        Do they have websites like that in Australia?


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          In Australia it is illegal (except NSW) to advertise that you need a surrogate or want to be a surrogate. It makes it so hard for people to find each other, these forums are great. Brings people together with similar interests and possibly find that special someone . Where in Queensland are you? I am in Queensland and am in search of a surrogate. Went through all the process last year with a friend, tried 4 transfers but all came back negative. She is now unable to continue due to medical reasons. We have 7 embryos on ice (7 possibilities). Please feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss further and I'm happy to help if you want more information on the processes in Queensland


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            Hi Wish2BaMummy, I have sent you a PM