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Hatton Vale State School?

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  • Hatton Vale State School?

    So as the title says.... does anyone know about this school? do your kids go there are they going to go there?

    My DD1 is booked into prep here next year, and as we are not fully out there, I have not been there to have a look, just booked her in over the phone as it is the closest primary school to where we are building.

    Any info is appreciated.

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    anyone? I know a few mums live out that way, have you heard anything?


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      My kids went there for a year. It was a good school - we did have a problem with bullying but the school was onto it really quickly and really effectively.

      The school was probably the only good thing about living out there though. I absolutely hated it, was so damn miserable


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        Thanks, thats good about the school I guess, just not the place,

        I have lived there before and am half living there now, so I dont mind it.


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          Yeah, it's probably not so bad now. When we were there it was at the height of the drought. It was so hot, dry, dusty and barren. And our business had just folded, we were struggling with finances and it was just a depressing and awful time.

          We're on the Northside now and loving it.


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            yeah we were out there then too, and it was hot, however I come from one of the hotteset places in Australia, and I cant handle this cold at all, ( yes I know how cold it gets there too. )

            But the funy was we are n the northside and cant wait to move out there.

            My DH and I have started our buissness, and it is all between ipswich and toowoomba.

            So our travel will be halved. and thats where all the building/new estates are going.


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              Well im going there now (yes i may be a bit to young :P) there isn't really any major bulling in year 7 at the moment but i have never been bullied there before yet it may be because im the oldest at the school but if your child does have problems in the future, contact the principle at once and some advice for your child..... be careful who they become friends with.

              Take care