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richmond area in nsw, any recommendations for child care??

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  • richmond area in nsw, any recommendations for child care??


    if anyone lives around richmond and knows of a good child care place for a 1 yo i would love to know, ive been to 2...liked the second one but now having reservations about it (noted that all the older kids were screaming and not doing anything structured, heard a child crying for its mummy etc)....thanks.

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    There is one on the back streets heading towards the department of housing area to the left of the road that heads to Windsor (sorry can't think of the name) don't go there my sister worked there highly don't recommend due to their lack of procedures and cleaning


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      thanks ....dont think i had any in that location on my list. i remember seeing a sign around that area the other day that said "pre school"...coming off francis street ??? i think not far from the railway road crossing at east richmond...


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        Yep that's the one. Women who runs it is a cow and they don't disinfect there toys every week like your meant too.