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Active 4 year old needing stimulation!!

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  • Active 4 year old needing stimulation!!

    Hi everyone

    I have a very active, intelligent almost 4-year-old who is enrolled to commence kindergarten next year. She is not currently enrolled in daycare but seems to be getting quite bored at home lately. This boredom seems to have just happened the past couple of months. I really think its a matter of her needing extra stimulation, more than I and our weekly playgroups can provide.

    My question is: I am wondering if I should try and get her into a daycare centre for the remainder of the year, just to keep her busy and happy for the next couple of months until kindergarten starts? I just wonder if it might be too much juggling around for her with new environments in such a close space of time since kindy starts late January? Or should I just persevere and try to think of new things, new outings and just enjoy having her home with me since its only a few more months until she does go 2.5 days per week? I am inclined to think I should just keep her at home with me until kindy kicks off (if we can both bear the wait!!) but I just don't know. What do you think? Any ideas/suggestions most welcomed!!!


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    I dont have a four year old but understand the activeness in my almost 2 year old..

    I'd be inclined to see if they can fit her into daycare atleast 1 or 2 days a week.. maybe go to your local one and see if you can take her in one day and see how she responds to the kids and being on her own.. (possibly you stay and hide so she cant see you and see if she enjoys it before you commit to the next 3months) it might be good for her to meet some kids before kindy..

    But other than that more outings, not sure what you already do but the local library may have special days for kids with storytime or the local community centre, or if you have a kids indoor play centre close to you..

    I probably havent been much help.. but I know at my DD's age she'd be lost without daycare.. she loves it and she's only there two days a week and only for the fact she loves the interaction with the kids and she learns so much..


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      Thanks robinson. Actually just phoned my local daycare and they won't have a vacancy til approx December! Bummer! We only have one centre in our area too as its a small town where I live. Thanks for your other ideas too. Looks like I might have to get my imagination (and patience!) together for the remainder of the year and just enjoy being with DD until she is off to kinder in the new year. She was in daycare between the ages of 2 and 3 (while I was still working) but pulled her out when I commenced maternity leave. In hindsight I prob should have kept her in the daycare centre just so she could get extra stimulation and socialisation, but when I stopped working we didn't really seem to need it and DD didn't seem to miss it either...well up until the last couple of months that is! Never mind! Live and learn! thanks again for your post!


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        Hmm with only a few months until kindy, I would keep her home. I think you would find that she will have just settled into daycare & then would be expected to readjust to kindy.

        Its really not long now (my little boy starts next year too). I am hoping that Connor adjusts from daycare to kindy ok... new place & new people.

        Maybe you could have some play dates with friends? Take her to the park a lot....

        All the best