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24 weeks 6 days premmie

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  • 24 weeks 6 days premmie

    Hi I am posting here to hear from any one who has had such an early premmie.. My son arrived yesterday and so far going well I know we have such a long battle ahead but wanted to hear from anyone who has been through such a premmie baby and to go on with healthy bub.. DH and I are staying positive we know there are so many challenges ahead but we are choosing to just focus on positive thoughts through all things and keep strong for our son Byron.. Would love to only here positive thoughts at this time so we can stay in this place. We are realistic but just want to stay positive as this ia what has got us to where we are now.. For the past 6 weeks we have been putting all our energy in the being this positive and this what they think has helped us get this far


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    OMGoodness firstly Congrats and secondly I send lots of prayers and good vibes to you and your family for little Byron to stay strong and grow well.

    Lots of love xoxo

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      Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Must be the weekend for little prems. My girlfriend just had her baby who is 28 weeks, but measuring a couple of weeks smaller due to growth restriction.

      I don't know much about prems, but I do know about parents. Make sure you look after you. Try to get enough rest, eat well and seek out someone to talk to. Having a prem is a traumatic experience and it may really help both you and your dh to have someone to talk to. The hospital should be able to put you on to someone.

      Best of luck, I wish Byron an uneventful hospital stay and an early discharge home.


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        Congratulations, Byron is a lovely name.

        Sending you lots of well wishes for little Byron.


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          I am a premmie parent & I just wanted to congratulate you and send you some positive vibes

          My DS was not as premmie as yours, but whilst spending time in NICU & SCN I saw a number of babies born at a similar gestational age & I was amazed at the strength of these tiny humans & I was just so grateful that we live in a world with such advanced medical technology.

          Best of luck with your journey


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            Oh Bob, firstly congrats
            Byron is such a lovely name.

            As someone else said, make sure you look after you dr's & nurses will tend to Byron's every needs.

            You are in my thoughts for the journey ahead... Hugs


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              Congratulations! What a lovely name!
              I have no personal experience sorry, but there is a lovely lady on fb whos daughter was born at 24w and is doing wonderfully now -

              Im thinking of you and your family


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                Congratulations on Byron's arrival! I'm mum to two prems - a 28 weeker and a 29+6 weeker. Not as early as yours but both were very small for their gestation. My 28 weeker is now 2.5 years old and you would never know she was a prem. My 29+6 weeker is still in hospital, he was born a month ago.

                I just wanted to direct you to the L'il Aussie Prems website. They have a great forum with really supportive people, there are a few parents of 24 weekers that are regular posters. I wish you lots of luck and a very smooth NICU journey. Feel free to PM me if have any questions or need to chat.


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                  Bobalicious only just caught up with the news. Congrats and thinking of you.
                  Everyone from the May 12 board keeps mentioning and thinking of you. Keep strong and look after yourself. I will keep you, your family and gorgeous little Byron in my prayers.


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                    I had a 23+3 weeker who weighed 470grams. We spent 16 months across 3 nicu units. He's now 6, just came off oxygen, still peg fed and have some health problems but overall he's doing well. Was a very long and difficult road. Will be keeping you in my prayers. Feel free to pm me anytime

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