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Another preterm scare

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  • Another preterm scare


    I just need some positive vibes and to vent!

    Since last night, Ive been having irregular BH and very mild cramps so I came down to my hosp this morning for a check up.
    Nothing seemed too unusual so they were about to let me go home, until my internal!
    Im 2 cms dilated and thinning so Im now staying overnight and waiting..

    Nothing has progressed in the pain dept since then which is a good sign and I did get told there is a chance that the BH will stop and ill be able to hold out a few weeks - fingers crossed!

    I had my first baby early and Im so sad that Im going thru this again. I just want a 'normal' birth experience. I dont want to have my baby taken away into a NICU, i dont want to not hold or feed it and see it connected to tubes!
    Im angry that i feel ripped off but Im more angry at myself for not carrying to term. Why does my body put my bubs thru that?

    Has anyone had a similar experience and been able to hold out for a few wks? Im currently 34 wks.


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    With DD2, I had preterm scares at 32 weeks and again at 34 weeks.

    Both times the labour was stopped with drugs and 48hrs of bedrest.

    I then went on to have her on her scheduled c-section date at 39 weeks.

    DS was born at 37 weeks, no time in NICU.


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      My DD I went into early labour twice once at 24 weeks and again around 33 weeks, they said at 33 weeks if the labour didnt stop they would let it progress as she alreadly looked around 7 pound. Im glad it stopped on her own, labour started 4 days before scheduled c section at 36 weeks and she just needed a lil oxygen at first but was perfect!!!
      good luck I had BH with DD from 24 weeks, considering I wasnt having a labour she certainly gave me lots!!! xoxo


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        Thanks guys!

        Were you dilated at all though or just pains?


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          I was roughly 2cms dilated from about 26 weeks, I was told as it wasn't my first pregnancy dilating early on is quite normal as the cervix never fully shuts again. However my cervix was still long. I spent just over 8 week on bed rest and having irregular contractions (not BH's) and he arrived during the 34th week of pregnancy.

          Good luck x