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3 year old twins who play up/boss around parents calling out to them at bedtime etc

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  • 3 year old twins who play up/boss around parents calling out to them at bedtime etc

    i've been told 2.5 and 3 year old twins is a hard age. i'm wondering how others handle discipline as one says no then the other copies for eating etc
    they act up for parents and call out at bedtime alot till finally they go to sleep
    they boss parents demanding a certain food or treats or drinks and are like such a gang such a force .
    how do others deal with discipline and keep things less overwhelming.
    they do communicate nicely to each other and have many wonderful traits but morning and evening routine, meals, time with parents can be so full on and we want to feel more in control and not bossed around by them. hints please.

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    Not your children? Then not your place to interfere


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      Sounds like typical toddler behaviour


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        Say no and be consistent. But agree with above poster, if they aren’t your children I wouldn’t interfere. No parent likes it when someone picks a battle they didn’t want


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          3 yr olds push boundaries, unfortunately that’s their job at that age, and having two doing it compounds things for sure, they usually feed off each other with their behaviours. The only thing you can do is try and be consistent with them. It maybe worth while trying to split them up at bedtime, that might work. I used to lie down with my two as they sleep in the same bed, I’d read them a story, then the light would go off and we would talk/sing nursery rhymes for about 10 min, then I would say that it was time for them to sleep, not talking etc. we still have a routine like this and they’re nearly 5. It’s actually a good 1/2 and hour of just me and them time and I enjoy it.
          with regards to food, it can be hard again, because they probably don’t like the same foods, so one will try it on etc, it’s all trial and error with twins, definitely not as easy as with a single baby/toddler.
          My two are different, so I have to parent them differently, but not so much that they notice, one will eat anything, the other is a picky eater,so the picky eater sometimes goes without dinner if she won’t eat what the rest of us is eating, that’s her choice, I don’t run a restaurant, and she chooses not to eat her dinner, so she goes without.