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  • Multiples Parents Chat Thread

    Hi all,

    SO I've noticed quite a few new people are coming into this section- those who have multi's already, and those who are still baking. Congratulations to everyone!

    Anyway I thought I would start a fresh new chat thread, since the old one went a little bit stale and it's a bit out of date.

    So anyway I'll start- I'm Nomsie ( Der) and I have ID twin boys who were 3 last October (going on 21 this year, I'm sure of it!)

    Can't wait to meet all the new multi Mums (and Dads! ) and catch up with the old ones!

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    Congrats to everyone who's multi's have a arrived & those still baking.

    Im K, mummy to almost 3yr GGB triplets (identical girls & fraternal boy).


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      My name is Brooke and I'm a mummy of ID girls who will be 3 this April


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        Hi all

        Firstly, twins and more are awesome!!

        I'm 11 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins
        It's been smooth sailing so far, let's hope it stays that way

        I also have a twin brother and our sister has fraternal twin girls....they're everywhere!!


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          Congrats everyone I'm nearly 14 weeks with identical no idea what yet lol can't wait to find out really hopeing for boys :-)


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            Hi everyone, I havent been on here in ages! I have boy/girl twins who will be 3 in May.


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              I also haven't visited here for a while, I have 10 month old frat twin girls


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                Hey multiple mummies!!

                I float in and out of BH.

                I have b/g twins who were 5 in Jan and who have just started school, their older brother started last year - so I now have that 'light weighted like feeling' in my hands

                Chat soon x


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                  O & J are seven today......


                  Wild journey.


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                    Happy birthday O & J!!

                    Oh my gosh I remember joining the forum when they were still little boys... They must have been 2 or 3 I think!! How time flies!!

                    Everyone else is iPhone-ing.... Why can't I?


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                      Congrats to all the new & expecting twin & more mummies

                      I have fraternal twin boys who are 20mths..


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                        Hi All...
                        I've got boy/girl twins, turning 7 in April, where does the time go!!!
                        I also have another 2 girls that are younger than my twins, makes for a busy household! lol
                        I don't post here very often, more of a lurker!!
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                            I'm Sarah from Brisbane, I have 6 month old B/G twins - what a RIDE!! Call me crazy but considering trying for another


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                              Congrats to everyone!

                              I have 15 mth old triplet girls, two ID, one frat plus a 3 and 5 y/o.

                              I don't post often Don't have time to type much!