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    Hi there,

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. If it's not could someone please move it into the right area.

    I'm looking to buy a double stroller and was wondering what people are using and what you think of it. I'm interested in it folding up umbrella style and being fairly light.

    Also is there anyone out there who wishes to sell theirs to a good home and great kids?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Maclaren all the way.. fits through all normal doorways, folds up as small as most normal single strollers and is so light..and easy to manouver even with 2 older toddlers, I tried some of the cheaper double strollers and found they were harder to manipulate and didnt feel very strong.

    I've got one but will probably still need it for another 12mths at least... I got it off ebay for $200 and was in brand new condition... so you can get them cheap if you're patient.


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      Hello Shajake

      There's a recent listing of all the double prams available in Australia here:

      If you are looking for a second hand double stroller, the local twin clubs have listings in the for sale sections of their magazines.



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        Did you find a stroller Shajake?

        I'm looking for one as well, sometimes it would be easer to have something nice and light when out and about


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          We have a Steelcraft twin lay back stroller-
          it was $235 brand new from a baby shop.

          I've only used it a few times so far but it's good. I've got in all the door ways I've needed to
          It folds in half basically, so still wide but quite flat.


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            I have the Childcare double stroller that I purchased at Big W for approx. $200.

            It's great - very light and fits through door ways. I use it for the shopping centres and leave my Valco Twin Pram in the garage for walking around the neighbourhood.

            You may want to check out Ebay, that's where I picked up the Valco pram.



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              I love my McLaren but I would definitely suss out the Childcare at Big W - bargain at that price! I've never seen them at our Big W store.