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Going to start early Intervention for Ds what should we expect.

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  • beebs
    They do play based interaction and learning. Its depends which group they have you in, but you can either be put into group sessions or individual sessions. My son has been in since the beginning of the year and I have seen such improvements in him, especially with social interaction, speech etc.

    They do a full developmental assessment through play with 3 or 4 of the educators, its painless really, they play with him while someone sits with you and asks lots of questions. They can't diagnose but they can point out areas that he may need help in and refer you on.

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  • Going to start early Intervention for Ds what should we expect.


    As the title does say we have been put on the waiting list for early intervention for ds.

    Ds has a pituitary problems (inactive) inactive thyroid no immune system adrenal glad deficiency now to add to the list speech problems and Autism traits (haven't got that diagnosed yet as he is 2 yrs 10 months but ds's endocrinologist was worried).

    So just asking what should we expect at the early intervention we at first are going for speech therapy then they will do a full assessment on him.?

    Any tip hints what we should expect i would love to hear from you.