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Single and Pregnant with a toddler?

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  • Single and Pregnant with a toddler?

    Has anyone here done it alone throughout pregnancy with a toddler after I guess experiencing abuse?

    My toddler has regressed, he's 3.5 but almost acting how he did when he was 2.5 other than speech. 🤦 I'm moody and we have both obviously been affected by the last couple of months being around the abuser. I am vaguely talking with him(father) & I don't feel so afraid anymore. I am only half way through the 1st trimester and I feel like I am making the biggest deal in the world. I want to post to a Mums group to see there experience but so many people have so much more support than I do. There circumstances are so different. I feel very judged. I just want to skip ahead a few years already and say I've done it.. lol.
    I'm trying to take it day by day, it's almost a defence mechanism but it's already so hard. Like I'm no where near having this baby and everything already seems and feels so hard.