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who is a perth young mum?

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  • who is a perth young mum?

    hey everyone!

    how old are you?
    do you live north of the river or south of the river?
    how many children do you have, what are their ages?

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    1. I am 20 years old
    2. I live in scarborough, north of the river
    3. I have a 17 month old son, aden. want one more


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      1. i'm 21
      2. i live in nedlands
      3. i have a 3month old boy and would like at least 3 more (yes i am crazy)



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        new pregnancy

        hey there, im fom south of the river, and im 18 (19 this year) and i only found out yesterday that im having a baby. pretty damn scared at the moment! if any advice can be offered it'd be appreciated


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          scared about bubba

          hey there youngmum,
          it is all a bit scary at that stage and many other stages too i guess when i first found out i just cried i couldn't believe it, i wasn't all happy tears either i was very scared about being at uni and not having enough money for myself let alone a bub. Also being unmarried etc, but i was lucky to have a great partner. Even after my son was born i was very anxious about everything (i'm not usually like that at all).

          I guess the best advice i can give is to take each day on its own, don't worry too much about next week just take the positives from it. You have created a little human being, who will walk and talk and look up into your eyes and give you a big gummy smile.

          hope that helps

          p.s. enjoy your sleep while you can i know all the new mummas out there will understand this


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            Hi I'm 19
            I live in beverley, wa, its in the country
            I have a 23 months old son and my 2nd son is due in december


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              I'm 21 and live in Brookdale (SOR). I have 2 children, my girl is 4 and my little boy just had his first birthday.

              Congratulations pooh_bears_mum! Two boys will really keep you busy. I used to live in the country too. I really miss it. It is so different from living in the city!


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                Hi I'm Sammy, 19.
                I live in Rockingham 45 minutes South of Perth
                I'm pregnant with my first. Got 5 weeks to go.
                It's a little girl.
                I'm so excited.


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                  Hi Ladies,

                  I am 22 and I live in Thornlie ( SOR). My son Owen is 7.5 weeks old. Not sure if I want another one yet....

                  Congrats to Young Mum and Sammy Kat. Pregnancy is a very exciting time esp towards the end. Look after yourselves!

                  Does anybody know of a playgroup for Young Mum's SOR?? I really want to meet some Mums and Owen would love to make some little friends! Please email me to if you know of any.

                  Fanx and Take care,


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                    hey im a first time mum to a 9 week old boy - Rhyley! im 19 years old and as none of my friends have babies im quite lonley and bored at home ...just wanna meet other young mums! im located in perth and wanna know if there are any mother groups aound as i cant seem tofind them! my email is contact me anytime sarah


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                      there is a young mums playgroup down here in rockingham, its at a place called the station youth centre.

                      You can find the phone number in the White Pages, they're on Hefron Street or Baralda Court.

                      Even if you cant get down this far you might be able to call them and find out of any other groups more locally.

                      I was also just browsing the community calendar and there is an under 25's playgroup in perth check out the calendar for wa for more info or ask samecutie
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                        thanks for that info....rockingham is a bit far away as im in sorrento! i have heard about that under 25 group and im trying to find out more information...when is ur baby due??? how is everything going?i bet ur so excited!