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16, single and pregnant

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  • 16, single and pregnant

    Hi im Charlie and im 28weeks pregnant tomorrow. Im expecting a little girl who im naming Catlyn Jasmine. I can't wait for her to be here in the world. Im so exctied, but unfortunatley me and her dad are no longer together. Im 16 and her dad is 17 but he left me even before he knew i was pregnant, when i did tell him, he hit me in the stomach and then started demanding i have an abortion, i was so glad when i went to the docs after being hit they said everything was fine. Im not going to hide my age its not ideal bein pregnant at 16 but it happened and im taking responsibility for it and going to give my baby the best life i can. Looking to chat to any other mums.

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    Originally posted by summersun View Post
    Im 16 and her dad is 17 but he left me even before he knew i was pregnant, when i did tell him, he hit me in the stomach and then started demanding i have an abortion.
    Wow, he sounds charming, sounds like you're better off without him!!

    Goodluck with your pregnancy and the name you've chosen for your daughter is lovely


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      Hi and welcome to bubhub. All the people on here are really great. I am 19 and have a 22 month old son...


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        Welcome to Bub Hub. Sorry to hear you've had a rough time with your ex etc. I'm sure you will find plenty of support around here. There are several other young mums who were/are your age when they had their bubs.


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          Welcome to Bubhub and congratulations first of all.
          Oh wow seems like you can do with out the father of your child. Thats no way to treat a pregnant lady.
          I was only 16 when I fell preggers with my first. 17 when I had him though.

          Goodlkuck with the rest of your pregnancy, if you want to chat just PM me.


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            Welcome to bub hub!! & Congrats on your pregnancy.

            You are so much better off without your ex being a part of your life by the sounds of it. I too am 28weeks 2morrow so we are due around the same time & I am also single.

            Feel free to join in our yngmums keeping up to date thread, there are quite a few of us due in the next couple of months.

            Hang in there, your age has nothing to do with whether you will be a good mum or not...
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              Welcome to bubhub


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                congrats on your pregnancy that is a beautiful name you chose for your little girl. i agree with the other and think its best that the your ex isnt around sounds like an @ss.


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                  hi, welcome!!

                  My name is Jess and I am 22, the name you've chosen for your lil girl is beautiful
                  I can't believe your ex, sounds like you will be way better off without him!!
                  There are some lovely young mums on here so hopefully you find lots of good advice and support !!


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                    Hello Sweet pea & welcome

                    Im so sorry that you have had to go through a hard time. Like the others have said, you & your baby are much better off without that jerk...

                    It doesnt matter what age you are, it doesnt determine the type of parent you are going to be.... you sound very mature for your age & im sure you will be a wonderful mum

                    There is always LOTS of support from alot of wonderful women on this site so i hope you enjoy hun. Take care of yourself & your pink bundle

                    Kirsty xoxoxoxoxoxox


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                      Welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy, great name for your little girl! I am sure you will find lots of support here on bubhub
                      Sorry to hear about your ex though, he sounds like a real winner (not).


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                        omg what a loser im glad the baby is alrite and im glad your not with him how dare he hit you and while your pregnant,im not with the babies father either he hasnt seen baby since he was 4 days old hes nearly 9 months old now im 16 truning 17 in a week so i was pregnant when i was 15 you'll be fine i find it fine not having the father around but my parents do help out not alot but here and there ans that helps alot im here if u wanna talk or hang out


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                          welcome Charlie im sure you will find this site helpful & useful

                          I agree with the others that said you are better off without the father.. im 20 & am expecting #1 in November im finally getting used to the idea!


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                            Hey hun, I had my son when I was 16. I am now 17 and my DS is one next saturday.

                            I'm so sorry you ex is being so horrible. He is obviously very immature, not worth a moment of your time babe.

                            If you ever wanna chat just PM me.


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                              Wow! What a charming "father" sorry to hear he is being so immature and childish. You sound like you are much better off without him.

                              On a happier note though. Congratulations on your pregnancy and your daughter! Bubhub is a wonderful place, you will be sure to find lots of help and support on here!