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Advice for getting know BF's children

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  • Advice for getting know BF's children


    I have met a wonderful man who has two boys aged 10 and 11.

    I have met them once so far, he has shared custody.

    I want to ease them into getting to know me, that is I didn't stay over when asked as wanted to do the right thing by the boys. I also have son 22 months who is already getting attached to my new man.

    Any advice. I thought I should suggest some activities we could all to do together for instance?

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    Hi Debster

    I met my hubby's children when they were 2 and 4, so very different ages - the first time I met them we planned a trip to the zoo (maybe a bit young for your BF's children).

    I agree with the idea of an outing so they don't feel they have to have too much involvement with you to start with, so they can hang back a bit and get to watch you first.

    My main advice (what I did) was stay on the outskirts a bit to start with and let them come to me. As I said - being younger, my stepkids were at a different time in their lives. I never let them think I wanted to be a second mum, just a friend



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      thanks i will ask bf to see what he thinks. I don't want to be their mother just want to get to know them and all get along as I feel this relationship is heading somewhere