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  • it starts again

    it starts again......

    i get a letter from csa, saying i dont get any child support (not that he's being paying anyway), so i ring them and im advised that the ex is no longer working, and that he's prob going to claim some sort of benifits.

    we havnt done custody yet, as we'd just finished property settlment, so i think to myself okay now its time to ring legal aid because he is upto somthing, and guess what!!!??? supriseeeee he has already done so, so now i cant go see them, i have to go through an inderpendent solicitor.

    im sure i will get legal aid because i am i single mum, but now i just am not sure, i already struggle, i dont know what im going to do if i dont get a grant, it sux so bad.

    i know he's going to go for half half and that breaks my heart as Master M is only 4, and half the time he dosnt want to go with his dad.

    am so sad and upset right now..

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    How about calling a community legal centre or the women's legal service in your area for some free advice?


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      so sorry to hear!

      Do courts do half half at that age though!? not coming into school surely!? (sorry I have never been to court and the ex lives interstate).

      In saying that though, my ex is only on centrelink and he still pays a base rate of CS every week!?


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        Thankyou shelle I didn't even know they existed, 3lilmonkies I'm not Sure if the courts will do it but iv heard it is a huge possibility, and with clink I have no idea, the ppl at cs said I get nothing.

        Feeling so low right now


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          With CS if you believe that he has deliberately forfeited his employment you can lodge a change of assessment under capacity to earn, its invasive and not always a certain of the outcome. If he is on centrelink then you should get the base amount unless he takes your child for some overnights, which could cancel out any payments leaving you with a nil assessment.