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Same sex parents or parents to be chat! #2

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  • Same sex parents or parents to be chat! #2

    Originally posted by turquoisecoast View Post
    umm congrats!? or is it too early...?
    Thanks Turqs! Its early early (5w 3d) but so far so good! Ive just been stalking your pregnancy diary to see how you're getting on

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    Originally posted by SJ565 View Post
    Numbers today have doubled since Monday, which is a great relief. I'll be very surprised if this one makes it after the shaky start, but feeling a little more optimistic.
    That’s excellent news!! Go little embie go!!! Sometimes they just need some warming up before they are in full swing!


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      Same sex parents or parents to be chat! #2


      What dpt did you guys get your first positive stick with your late implanting little lady?

      We are 7dp5dt oday, havent tested yet today - almost feel like not bothering, as we normally get lines 9/10 dpo [emoji58]


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        [MENTION=134638]Boxergirl[/MENTION] we got a line for both girls at 3dp5dt. Very faint but still there. I really hope you get a BFP!


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          Originally posted by BeautyOfTheSoul View Post
          [MENTION=134638]Boxergirl[/MENTION] we got a line for both girls at 3dp5dt. Very faint but still there. I really hope you get a BFP!
          Not what I was hoping to hear [emoji23] but thank you, anyway [emoji846]

          We’ll get there eventually, fingers crossed.


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            [MENTION=134638]Boxergirl[/MENTION] it was so faint at 8dpo with DD2 and didn’t darken until 12dpo which was then a very faint line but not one that you had to stand on your head to see.

            Honestly I’m not even sure that the line at 8dpo was her or just resting hcg because there was no change between that and 12dpo.


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              [MENTION=134638]Boxergirl[/MENTION], would you consider taking low dose aspirin? I think it got this current pg across the line, and now I swear by it.


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                Yeah, we ran the aspirin idea past our fs via a nurse just prior to transfer.

                His response was a flat out ‘No’ [emoji58] Not sure why, as we didn’t get to speak to him about it. Definitely something for us to look into though!! Thank you


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                  Mine offered to tell me why they didn't believe in it. I just went ahead anyway. They still have no idea!


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                    Same sex parents or parents to be chat! #2

                    How’s everyone travelling? [MENTION=94331]almai[/MENTION] not long now til next bubba arrives!! You must be excited!

                    As for us over here - DD1 will be 2 years old tomorrow! We had her birthday party at an animal farm yesterday and she had an absolute blast celebrating with family, friends and the awesome animals! Can’t believe she’s been here for 2 years!!

                    DD2 will be 5 months old in a few days too! Where did that time go? It’s crazy! She is so keen to get on the move. She so badly wants to crawl (probably to chase her big sister).

                    Aside from two growing girls, I also offered to be a gestational surrogate for some close friends of ours and I’m currently just over 16 weeks pregnant! We are a busy household hahahahaha. I’m very excited for them to become parents ❤️

                    What’s everyone else up to?


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                      Wow TNTH! A gestational surrogate. How incredible of you. How are you feeling? How was the journey to become pregnant? Did it take a few attempts?

                      DD is 2yrs 9months. I can’t believe she is 3 so soon. It really does just fly by!

                      We hope to TTC #2 around April/May. We will use my eggs this time round and attempt an IUI first. Our donor was classed as IVF/ICSI but our doc did look over the analysis and said it was just under where it should be to be for IUI. So she said we could try IUI first if that’s what we wish.

                      If all goes to plan or thereabouts, we will have almost a 4 year age gap. It’s larger than I initially thought it would be. But life was ok with just one for a little longer. We had a lot happen in the last 2 yrs and I couldn’t have imagined TTC any sooner!


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                        Same sex parents or parents to be chat! #2

                        [MENTION=137412]TandR[/MENTION] that’s so exciting that you’ll be back for number 2 soon and great news that you can try IUI! I can’t wait to follow your next journey!

                        We did two transfers with the same clinic we used for our own. The first cycle didn’t time up well and sadly the FS we used was away on a conference and so didn’t do the transfer. I was also on a medicated cycle which was different to what we had done when I carried little miss. The other difference was the embryo had thawed and survived but had not started expanding when it was transferred.

                        The second transfer was done on a completely natural cycle, by our FS and with an embryo that had thawed and had already started to expand so they could see it was still powering ahead. That little cherub clung on and is due to arrive in June [emoji4]

                        We did that transfer when DD2 was still under 2 months old so it was a busy busy time for us hahaha. Life’s been crazy! [emoji23]