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Same Sex Parents TTC #5

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  • Same Sex Parents TTC #5

    Hi everyone!I decided to make a list that shows where everyone is in their journey. Sometimes it's a little hard to keep up with where everyone is up to. I'm putting it in a new thread to make it nice and easy to do.So if anyone wants their details added to the list, just PM me or tag me with the details and I'll add them If you have any suggestions for other things to add, just let me know.

    Waiting to TTC

    @Hayls81 - First appointment on Thursday 7th May 2015 with FS

    @Chekry - DP (30) and myself (31). No date yet on first IUI waiting for that call to say we're at the top of the list!

    @rainbow road - Me (25) and DP (28) have DS November 2013TTC NO 2: IUI #1 feb 2015 BFP but m/c at 10 weeks. Now waiting to start IVF #1 in May/June.


    @TortoiseNotTheHare (29) and BeautyOfTheSoul (29) - First appointment for IVF egg sharing in September 2015 with Fertility First (Sydney)
    Cycles 1 - 4 with both of us were all BFN or chem
    5th cycle: underway atm. if this doesn't work, we will be changing to IVFA in march

    @maxinem2112 - 1st and 2nd IUIs BFN. 1st IVF: 13 follicles, 8 mature eggs, 5 fertilized and 3 to blastocyst. Fresh transfer BFN so now after a month off waiting for AF to show to start a FET cycle with both remaining embryos

    @Kazzy36 - G & I: IUI #1 BFN; IVF #1, 8 eggs, 4 fert, day 5 blasto transfer, BFN, No frosties; IVF #2 scheduled for May 20152016: New clinic, new donor. Appointment on Feb 9th
    @NandM - Me 29 DP 27. IUI #1 July = BFN
    IUI #2 Oct = BFN
    Starting IVF in March 2016


    @A&S - IUI #1 (April 2015) BFN with anonymous donor spermIUI #2 (May 2015) same donor. Testing 16th May 2015

    @Boxergirl - Me (36) and DP (34). DP will carry our 1st IUI #1 March '15 Chem pregnancy.IUI #2 April '15 TWW!we are back in the game! Just had IUI #2 today... TWW as of now

    @Dougy - Me (31), DP is 27 - IUI #1 April 2015 = BFN. IUI #2 as we speak! Unknown donor.


    @TandR - egg sharing. Cycle 1: IVF/ICSI FET EDD: 10.04.2016

    @Dougy - Me 31, DP 28 expecting Bub #1 (gender Unknown)14/05/16

    @almai - (28) and DP (27) have DS (birthed by me after 2nd IUI, July 2013 (1st IUI = chem) and DP now TTC #2 (same anon donor). 1st IUI = negative. 2nd IUI = chem (BFN)
    IUDI#2: Chem. IUDI#3: BFP! DS2 due 14/4/16
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    Originally posted by Amy1926 View Post
    Good luck [MENTION=137418]NandM[/MENTION] and [MENTION=537]juju[/MENTION]_bean update from us. We have selected a donor! Cant wait to start the process
    That's great news! When do you begin? Sorry I can't remember if you are doing IUI or IVF... Good luck! I'm excited to hear how you get on!


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      Thanks girls! We are doing IUI to start. We are hoping no need for IVF. At this stage I need to travel back overseas early July so we hope to start with August cycle.


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        Originally posted by Amy1926 View Post
        Thanks girls! We are doing IUI to start. We are hoping no need for IVF. At this stage I need to travel back overseas early July so we hope to start with August cycle.
        Congrats Amy, the donor process is a big thing!!

        Which state and clinic are you at? Some
        clinics seem to have no wait- others have wait list miles long!

        We even had to wait to choose a donor for (unsuccessful) IUI and then for IVF.


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          Originally posted by NandM View Post
          4dp5dt today time is going pretty fast!
          Had the smallest amount of brown/pink spotting this morning only once but still rung the clinic.
          Going to get P4 tested tomorrow and upped to 3 400 mg of progesterone a day! 6 days till blood test can't come fast enough lol
          That's looking like a good sign [emoji106]🏻


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            Blood test done this morning should have results tomorrow! No more spotting so keeping my fingers crossed now


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              Results back P4 dropped to 23 so staying on 3 progesterone a day and a repeat blood test wens!
              But I think I'm out this cycle I caved and got a BFN today at 6dp5dt


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                Hope that you're still in it. The spotting is odd. Fingers crossed for you. So only the p4 was tested? Not Hcg, also?


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                  No only P4 because I had a little brown spotting on Saturday. Blood test wens is just for P4 as far as I know hcg blood test is ment to be Friday 10dp5dt.


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                    Ah, ok. All the best for Friday.


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                      Did you test again this morning [MENTION=137418]NandM[/MENTION]? I hope that you get a nice surprise on Friday! Come on little embie!!


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                        No didn't test this morning! I tried yesterday but it was late afternoon and going to the loo alot thru the day so who knows with the chem I had a positive before 6days but it could just be a relaxed embryo lol! I will test before Friday bloods though


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                          Fingers crossed. Have you guys thought of next steps if it's worst case scenario? Fingers crossed you won't need a plan b!


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                            Plan b take a month off then go into a second stim cycle 😊 feeling ok if that happens.
                            Will probably have a catch up appointment with Dr in the month off and see what she thinks after the last failed 2 we have just had phone calls from her.


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                              Sounds like you are prepared even if it comes to that. Fingers crossed you won't need to execute plan b!! 😊