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Same Sex Parents TTC List #3

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  • Same Sex Parents TTC List #3

    Hi everyone!

    I decided to make a list that shows where everyone is in their journey. Sometimes it's a little hard to keep up with where everyone is up to. I'm putting it in a new thread to make it nice and easy to do.

    So if anyone wants their details added to the list, just PM me or tag me with the details and I'll add them If you have any suggestions for other things to add, just let me know.

    Waiting to TTC
    @TortoiseNotTheHare (28) and BeautyOfTheSoul (29) - First appointment for IVF egg sharing in September 2015 with Fertility First (Sydney)

    @Hayls81 - First appointment on Thursday 7th May 2015 with FS

    @Chekry - DP (30) and myself (31). No date yet on first IUI waiting for that call to say we're at the top of the list!

    @rainbow road - Me (25) and DP (28) have DS November 2013
    TTC NO 2: IUI #1 feb 2015 BFP but m/c at 10 weeks.
    Now waiting to start IVF #1 in May/June.

    @almai - (28) and DP (27) have DS (birthed by me after 2nd IUI, July 2013 (1st IUI = chem) and DP now TTC #2 (same anon donor). 1st IUI = negative. 2nd IUI = chem (yet to be 100% confirmed)

    @maxinem2112 - 1st and 2nd IUIs BFN. 1st IVF: 13 follicles, 8 mature eggs, 5 fertilized and 3 to blastocyst. Fresh transfer BFN so now after a month off waiting for AF to show to start a FET cycle with both remaining embryos

    @Kazzy36 - G & I: IUI #1 BFN;
    IVF #1, 8 eggs, 4 fert, day 5 blasto transfer, BFN, No frosties; IVF #2 scheduled for May 2015

    @A&S - IUI #1 (April 2015) BFN with anonymous donor sperm
    IUI #2 (May 2015) same donor. Testing 16th May 2015

    @Boxergirl - Me (36) and DP (34). DP will carry our 1st
    IUI #1 March '15 Chem pregnancy.
    IUI #2 April '15 TWW!

    we are back in the game! Just had IUI #2 today... TWW as of now ������

    @Dougy - Me (31), DP is 27 - IUI #1 April 2015 = BFN. IUI #2 as we speak! Unknown donor.

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    Originally posted by TortoiseNotTheHare View Post
    Well hopefully that dream is a good sign! So you mentioned that you are CD2 so are you already prepping for an FET? Did the clinic ask why you were booking on for it before having the results? I'm curious as to how FET's work anyway. I can't remember at all now!

    Hopefully your DP doesn't have any issues discovered and as crappy as it is, hopefully the past experiences boil down to bad luck and she might have a change of luck in the future (hopefully the very near future). Has Dr Clark not wanted to do any testing up until this stage? I would have thought they would jump on to it considering she is young and I'm assuming extremely fit and healthy given her occupation. Anyway hopefully there is no need for any of that anyway!
    They knew that this was our plan. Originally we were planning to just cancel if necessary but now we might've changed plans slightly. We didn't want to wait another cycle because my period was due before her bloods which is why I had to book on before bloods.

    Because I have a very regular, stock standard cycle, no fertility issues and have already had a successful transfer before, my FET will be a natural one, no drugs, just trigger and pregnyl follow ups as is standard. I will just have a day 10 blood test and a scan on day 11, and I will most likely trigger around then too, as I usually ovulate day 13/14. 3 days after ovulation, they will take out an embryo, thaw it, and if it survives, put it right back in. If that cycle doesn't work, I'll probably get them to culture the next embryo to blastocyst stage in another cycle. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that!

    With testing, they usually don't test until you've had 3 unexplained miscarriages (incl Chems) although in our case DP didn't want to bother at this stage as she's emotionally exhausted and wants it to be over either way - with a pregnancy for her, or for me. Hence she will have a break and we will go back at some stage next year to do some testing and then stim again. Her bloods from both her stim cycles suggest there could be an egg quality problem though.


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      I'm sorry you are on this crappy roller coaster rainbow road I wish it was easy.
      I hope you get some success soon!!


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        Sorry we haven't been more of a support for you both [MENTION=1689]rainbow[/MENTION]road. I can only imagine the strength it takes to pick yourselves up each time and try again. I really hope you have a bfp on your way very soon.

        TTC is such an emotional time and you probably feel not a lot of people get it. I've also struggled with my emotions during pregnancy. I thought doing IVF/ICSI and a FET that because everything was timed for us I'd be in control of things for the pregnancy. But I've had days I would cry hysterically and not know why. I guess the biggest relief for me was knowing I wasn't the only one and that not everyone speaks about these parts of pregnancy and TTC. I feel much better these days but I was my own worst enemy and was very harsh on myself questioning why I wasn't cherishing every moment.

        Hang in there X


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          Thanks ladies. It's not here, really. It's just everywhere. People lose interest and that's hard when you're in the thick of it and need support more than ever.

          We are patiently waiting for bloods tomorrow. DP is super super nervous.


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            following the new thread


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              Are you guys testing in the morning [MENTION=30177]rainbow road[/MENTION]? Have you thought about testing tonight? It would be really daunting but at least you are ready to go as well. That would be a little comforting to know there is a back up plan in place. I really hope the test tomorrow brings some good news!!


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                I think we will test. Not tonight, but in the morning. DP has had some very light brown spotting which could be AF on the way but could also be an implantation bleed. I had the same around the same time with Toby, so feeling nervous but also a little excited. I hope it's not for nothing!


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                  Wow how many days past transfer is she? Hopefully it's a good sign! Make sure you let us know how you go in the morning! When you are ready to share of course.


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                    10dp3dt today...will let y'all know.


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                      Fingers are crossed for you [MENTION=1689]rainbow[/MENTION]road!


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                        Oh [MENTION=30177]rainbow road[/MENTION] I really hope this is your time!


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                          Well it's not over until the bloods say it is. But her poas is a very faint second line which is exactly what happened last cycle and was just pregnyl hanging around. Would be hoping for a much more solid line at 14dpo. So we will see, but not holding out too much hope.


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                            Hopefully it's a different story with the bloods. What time are you having them done? Do you guys go to the clinic for bloods or another laverty?

                            Just remember if it's not a BFP, you have another plan and you will be straight back into it so there's still a chance for a BFP coming right up.


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                              The Laverty opens at 9, so around then.

                              Honestly... I'm not surprised. I hoped beyond hope, but I've had a feeling for a while that I would have to try again. I just hope that my FET is successful.
                              [MENTION=134638]Boxergirl[/MENTION], good luck for you guys today too.