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Looking for sperm donor in New South Wales Australia!!

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  • Looking for sperm donor in New South Wales Australia!!

    My partner and I are looking for a private sperm donor in New South Wales. I already have 2 children but my partner and I would love to add to our family. Please only genuine replies.


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    Hey Guys!
    Before i start, don't get excited, i am not a potential donor - however my partner and I are in the same boat as you and currently looking for a donor to do in-home AI. We live in Sydney, and we don't want to use someone that we know... SO an anon donor it is!! We have been looking for about a month, and have had contact with some guys on there... But nothing that really stands out so far.
    Im finding it really hard to try and decide on the person who will be the other genetic half of our child from a website... Its a hard search! We have considered going through a clinic but really want to try and do it at home, as close to the 'old fashion way' as we can.

    The two websites that we have been on so far are and pride - neither of these are Australian sites but they both have quite a lot of donors in Sydney/NSW.

    Its a LOT to think about! Lucky our little angel will make it all worth while in the end!

    Keep in touch though, let us know how you go!! AND good luck in your search!


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      hey mumAandJ

      Thank you so much for your advice, we have been on pride before and we havent seen as yet, you just made our search a little easyer thank you!!!.
      will keep you posted!!


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        just seeing how you guys are going in finding a AI Donor, did you have any luck?


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          Hi Ladies!

          We thought that we should let you all know that we found another website that has sperm donors last night, it's only for Australian and NZ members. It's called "Fertility Connections Australia".

          It seems like it is a very new website but there are some sperm donors that we have contacted, just waiting for a reply. We're a bit nervous, LOL!!! We like that all the profiles have photos. Oh and there is a special on yearly membership at the moment, $49 for the year. We thought that was a really fair price, I guess they can't charge too much because its new and there isn't a huge amount of donors but we thought at least that all the donors are current.

          We have been on another sperm donor website too, I won't mention the name! We just got sick of the strange guys asking for sex!!! What is with men using "donating sperm" as a way to try and have sex with a lesbian??? We reported them to the moderator but she didn't delete them like she said she would so we cancelled our membership! I guess there are always going to be creepy guys on sperm donor sites but I hope that this site is better. Seems great so far!

          Hope you have having luck finding the right sperm donor,

          Sal & Bec


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            We had the same problem! So many guys replying to us, then requesting "natural insemination" - deleted immediately!

            We did find one great guy who we have been in touch with regularly, and looks like things are due to start February! It took a lot of time and a lot of creeps but we did find someone we feel is great!

            Keep searching!!


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              Oh MumAandJ we could tell you some stories!!!

              Our favourite is this one guy was married with his own kids and wanted to donate the "natural way" but wanted to keep it a secret and not tell his wife and kids! He said he had helped two other couples doing this way. Totally bizarre!!! I emailed the moderator and complained but he didn't get removed from the website. That's why we left that site!

              Congratulations on finding a donor! We have been chatting with a donor on the fertility connections Australia website, we are thinking of meeting up soon...Sooo nervous about doing it!!!!! Hope he is the one because we are soo over looking! Who thought it would be so hard!


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                I will donate

                Originally posted by erinkathy View Post
                My partner and I are looking for a private sperm donor in New South Wales. I already have 2 children but my partner and I would love to add to our family. Please only genuine replies.

                Hey I would like to donate my sperm for artificial insemination, contact me on
                hope your interested


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                  I am fit 35 year old, looking to help. Sydney.


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                    Looking for a sperm donor

                    Hi Troy! I'm a 36 year old single female looking to get a sperm donor. I live in Geelong but I am willing to travel. I hope it is OK if I email you. My email is


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                      Altruistic Sperm donor

                      Hello, my name is Simon. I am 55 years old, very healthy and 174cms . I do not take drugs or have ever smoked and only drink lightly.I am well muscled and am a Technical Officer with no children. I have been a former Grade Rugby player and State Level Rower. My family genetics are good and the family history is fairly evenly divided between Engineers, Doctors and Artists / Musicians.My intention is to offer my sperm donation as an Natural insemination. I believe in God and I consider this offer as an altruistic gift to individuals or couples that may need assistance. Please contact me via this forum, thanks.
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                        hey, 19 year old, healthy, clean family history, brown hair, blue eyes, willing to donate sperm NI. if this appeals to you contact me


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                          willing to donate, live in sydney, Natural insemination (sorry) however, clean health/family health record, brown hair, Caucasian, blue eye email me at if interested, understandable if not please dont be offended


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                            am willing to help

                            willing to help via natural insemination, sydney, clean health and familiar health records, tall, brown hair, blue eyes, contact me if interested


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                              Hi MumAandJ
                              I have just signed up here and you are my first post.
                              I am a 35yo single male in Sydney that is interested in helping out.
                              Not sure how this works, but if you want get in touch let me know.