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    I am hoping you could all give me some advice and direction. I have been with my partner for almost ten years, i am 33 and she is 29. We are living in Adelaide and would like to start a family together but have no idea where to start.

    Can anyone please assist with any advice

    Thank you


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    Hey Alley,

    My girl and i are from Adelaide to, what were you wanting to know?


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      Adelaide girls here too!

      Any questions fire away! lol I am sure that between us and shellkiz we will be able to cover what you want to know

      Shellkiz did a DIY job at home, while we are going through the IVF clinic at flinders. Have you given any thought into how you want to go aout things??


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        Thank you

        Thank you for your responses Nurse27 & Shellkiz. It is such a relief to hear that you guys are from Adelaide and that there is hope for us. I have contacted a few compaines in Adelaide like Repromed but they were unable to help same sex couples. We really dont know anything on where to go or where to start so any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated. We didnt realise that it was possible to go through IVF at Flinders. How do you go aout this? Thanks again, we look forward to learning more.
        x x x


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          Hey Alley,

          Another one from Adelaide. My partner and i had to go interstate, we went to fertility first in Sydney, they were very good. I am happy to answer any questions if you have any.


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            Hi Mumormrc
            Thanks for your response. What is the process involved to be able to go to Fertility First in Sydney? Is is difficult not being from Sydney? What are the costs involved? Sorry I have so many questions.

            It is just so nice to hear from people that have been in the same position and have been able to have children. It is such a relief to know that there is hope of conceiving out there.

            Thanks again



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              Hey Alley,

              Fertility first have a web site that has a lot of info on it, we first rang them up and had to fly to Sydney to have appoint with doctor and councellor and have blood tests done. You then have phone appoint for test results and if everything is fine you can start trying straight away and for all the other tests/scans they will fax forms to bensons or Gribbles and you can go there. I think it was roughly about $3000 all up some you can claim back from medicare. Once we found them it was a very quick and easy. hope this helps.


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                We are from Adelaide too. We used fertility first for a couple of unsuccessful IUI cycles but then it was too expensive to keep up with after that.

                SA laws dont permit same sex couples to access fertility treatment unless they have a medical infertility. Every other state does allow same sex couples access to fertility treatment regardless of their fertility status. You only get a medicare rebate if you have a medical infertility but not for social infertility.

                We are now using a home donor and things are going well. If you do decide to go down the home donor path, we found our donor on free-sperm-donors-worldwide. There are a few other sites out there too.


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                  Hi Alley, I'm also an Adelaide lesbian... my first two children (ex-DP was bio mum) were conceived at home with known donor. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with a baby conceived using a known donor but through IVF with Repromed. As a previous poster said, in SA you have to be "medically infertile" to access either FlindersIVF, Repromed or FertilitySA but the definition of this can be quite loose! Happy to answer any questions, Girldoc


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                    Hi Girldoc,
                    Congrats on your pregnancy.
                    When you say the definition of medical infertility can be quite loose, ant tips. I actually would have no idea if I have any problems but I would presume that I would be fine. Pity really as I would much prefer to be able to go somewhere local like Flinders than have to travel interstate.
                    Thanks for your advice


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                      Hi Alley,

                      My partner and I have an 8 month old baby girl. We went to fertility first in Hurstville NSW. I carried our baby, so I am the birth mother but my partner is the biological parent. Our doctor had no problem with our request. This might be another option for you to consider.....

                      It's a wonderful time and we wish you all the best in your journey xx


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                        Happy to see so many people accessing the wonderful help of Fertility First. My DP and I have been with them for a year now and they have been nothing but wonderful.

                        If there's any way I can help with info etc, please feel free to let me know. Good luck with your journey!