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    Hi everyone,

    I just found this site and was really excited that there is a support network out there for lesbian parents. One of the other threads in the Gay and Lesbian chat section is all straight people giving their opinions about gay parenting (nice to see that most are supportive of it though).

    My partner and I have been together for 6 years and we are trying to conceive our first child. It's an exciting time (as for all parents) but also extremely frustrating.

    I don't feel as though I can offer much advice to moog&chey as the options avaliable to you depend on the state that you live in, as well as personal decisions that only you and your partner can make such as whether to use a known or unknown donor. The one piece of advice I will offer though is start as soon as possible!!!!!

    I don't mean the process of actually trying to conceive (you'll know when you're ready for that) but it will take months or longer to go through the whole process of deciding on a donor, getting appointments with doctors and specialists, blood and health tests, most likely you will have to attend counselling sessions with your chosen fertility clinic and depending where you live and how you choose to create your family a possibe six month wait after all that.

    We decided nearly a year ago that we were ready to start a family and after three failed 'do it yourself' attempts we decided to go through a clinic. We still have another two months before we can try through them. So basically the sooner you start the whole process the less frustration you'll face when it comes time for you to start your family.

    Good Luck
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      HI , we are new to bubhub. I am a 41 year old woman in a lesbian relsatihip and I am 32 weeks pregnant at last!!! My partner and I have jsut finished ante natal classes and found them to be very traditional and not inclusive of alternative family structures. Everything was referred to as mum or dad. We are looking for other lesbian mums in Perth metro area for chats and support. My baby is due 22nd Jan 07 and I can't wait.


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        hey all, ive been around for a bit now, but thought id say hi here, sooo hi.

        im in a lesbian relationship currently waiting for a blood test to see if my transfer stuck last week. so im beside myself, love the fact there is a section to talk about stuff without feeling like something wrong, so thanku bubhub for providing such a place where its comfortable to be who u r.

        hi to all, drop me a pm if u wanna chat

        ***baby dust to all***


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          Good luck username! If it sticks come and check out the Nov due group


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            im only 21 but having a baby in a same sex relationship none the less.

            I was wondering where you did your classes?


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              Hey all,

              I have no idea how to use this website but i am so excited that there is a place for same sex couples to discuss pregnancy.... i am very happy to have stumbled across this site.

              I wanted to see if any of you out there have used Fertility First in Sydney (hurstville to be exact)

              My partner and i have been together for 7 years and are so excited that we have an appointment with Fertility First at the beginning of March...........sooooo excited!!!

              I was wondering if anyone had any information for me. We have no idea what to expect. Apart from several VERY lengthy Q&A sessions with the clinic - i just wanted to get a personal perspective.

              I know they are extremley same sex friendly - we know that we are going to be using donor sperm (which is shipped in from America?@?)..and we know what we have to have a counselling session as part of our first appointment.

              Any stories about donor selection? Any good advise - we would appreciate any information.

              Thanks for your time!!


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                This is is hard to get through

                My wife and I are trying to have our first child. We first started talking about having our family in September 2007. We got married in October 2008 and started our fertility preparation in June 2008. I started taking conceive well multivitamins and went on a strict fertility diet.

                We had our first attempt 8 December 2008 - no luck. Attempt two 5 January - again no luck.
                I had my scan today for my follicle growth - i only have one (size 15) and we inseminate on Friday 30th. Fingers crossed.

                Anyway, we are finding the process really hard and would love to speak to others who are going through the same.

                Amanda and Kylie


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                  don't know much about your clinic but have learnt alot about the process if this is what you are interested in. I'm sure it will vary from state to state. But we had to met the doctor - the one carrying gives a full medical history. Both get tested for HIV and Hep C and rubella. The one carrying has additional tests to check FSH, LH and progesterone levels and also have scans of your ovaries. If that all goes well you will have some counselling sessions where they discuss your understanding of the process, the legalities or lack of them, etc and then you start.

                  You ring your donor co-ordinator on day one of your cycle and then start your hormones for day 2 to 6 and then between day 8 and 12 you have a vaginal scan to check the follicle growth - then they decide which day to inseminate. Get taught how to administer your trigger injection of Pregnyl and your on your way.

                  If you wnat to know more about the insem - just ask



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                    hey i'm new here. my partner and i have just tried our second month in a row and it seems to have failed again. having a really hard time dealing with it. would prefer not to have to turn to a clinic cos the way i see it the point is to spend $000s after the baby is born, not before. or at least not on getting pregnant in the firs place. any advice? cos it's depressing me that it hasn't worked (yes i know it's only been 2 months) when so many people do it by accident.


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                      I understand we could not afford going through a clinic.
                      I tried DIY for 9 cycle's before my partner took over and got pregnant her first cycle(the *****).

                      Hang on in there and you can PM if you needto chat.


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                        So excited

                        Oh I've finally found a thread for me! Thank you so much for setting up. We have been trying to get preggers for nearly 4years now and are on a journey to find an egg donor! What a challenge. It is so good to know that there is somewhere to get advise and hopefully advertise. Keeping my fingers crossed for lots of


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                          it's my partner's O-week.


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                            good luck


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                              Searching for donor embryos Sperm donor 157

                              We are looking for donor embryos made using anonymous donor sperm sourced at Queensland Fertility Group.

                              Any info or help would be gratefully received.


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                                hi everyone, me and my partner have not got any children yet. but we are really wanting to have one. does anyone know where we could get a sperm donor?