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  • New section for same sex parents

    I asked for this section to be opened to provide a space for same sex parents to find support from others going through the same experience, or thinking about embarking on the journey that is same sex parenting. Hope it proves useful!

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    Hi Draught

    Thanks for getting this forum up and running. I notice that a forum on Essential Baby has also been generated for same-sex parents. Fantastic!!

    My partner and I do not have any kids yet, however, we are starting to plan the whole conception business and am getting together as much info as we can.

    We are planning to go through QFG, who we hear are quite lesbian friendly and supportive.

    Thanks again for starting the forum and hope others hear about the thread soon.



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      I just want to give big to bubhub for opening this part of the forum. I have a lot of gay/lesbian friends who would love to have/already have kids but don't feel that they have the same support network as male/female couples. I will definitely be telling them more about bubhub now!!!
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        Good luck and welcome to Bubhub Gerrie!


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          Welcome Gerrie - and good luck to you and your partner!!


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            Welcome from me too Gerrie, and good luck with the baby-making


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              Hi Happy01,

              Just wanted to say welcome, everyone at bubhub is great, good luck with the baby making.


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                Hi Happy01,

                I look forward to hearing your updates.

                My sister and her partner of 6 years are looking into adopting a baby so I'll be sure to tell them about bub hub now and update them with any news from you.

                Who exactly are QFG???

                They have just built a gorgeous house together so that in the future they will be able to fill it with their own little bub, another little cousin for my DS.

                Take care.


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                  Thank you all for your welcome, it is really appreciated.

                  QFG stands for Qld Fertility Group, and seems to be very good. I'm not sure if any of you are from Brisbane, but I think it is pretty well known here.

                  I have found Bubhub to be really great already, as I have read some really good advice about different hospitals, OB's and conception/birthing methods > so you may find I'll ask a few more questions as I find more out!!

                  You all seem like busy mums/mums to be and I hope you are all enjoying it.



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                    Hi Gerrie and welcome! I am glad that you found us! Let's hope that other same sex couples who are looking to conceive, or who already have conceived will find us too so that you can learn from their experiences and share your own. Of course for the usual stuff like sleeping, eating, and everything inbetween the rest of us are here to share our collective knowledge with you!


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                      Welcome to bubhub Gerrie. I look forward to sharing your journey with you. Good luck!!

                      Great idea for a new section, draught.



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                        I would love to take credit for it but in fact others had suggested it before, then I was talking, last week, to a friend who is a lesbian mother and realised that there is a specific need for a section such as this so spoke to the big boss about it......and the rest is history!


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                          new to this

                          hi everyone, im a lesbian and have been with my girlfriend for several years now and we are wanting to start a family and were just wondering where to start. i was just wondering if anyone would be able to offer us any advice.

                          thanks, moog xxx


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                            Welcome moog. Great to have you around.


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                              Welcome to BubHub moog!