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40+ 1 day - being 40yo and induction

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  • 40+ 1 day - being 40yo and induction

    The doctor today suggested I get an induction ASAP due to my age. I was due yesterday and the whole pregnancy was a breeze. Everything normal and my baby’s heart rate and movements great. I was extremely fit going into the pregnancy and just lucky all throughout. Being tall I got away with more room in height and I have wide hips.

    I thought I would at least go to 41 weeks before thinking of induction. The doctor was coming from the point of view of statistics and risk of still birth.

    I’m nervous about induction because it feels unnatural. Or maybe I’m just scared as a first time mum.

    The doctor measured my cervix at 1 cm and I have no contractions at all. The baby is head down low and ready to come out. My body just doesn’t give the green light.

    I’m booked in for the induction in 2 days. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing.

    Anyone else have this experience?

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    I had one at 40+5 days. It was fine, baby was forceps delivered. Had an epidural too. To be honest, it gave me certainty and I appreciated going into hospital calm, being admitted/ not turned away as some people are “you’re not ready” was great, not rushed and relaxed.

    Getting baby out safely is what matters, and if your Dr recommends it, then while it might not feel natural, it’s the safest thing to do. All the best!


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      Thank you for your experience.
      True about certainty. Much easier to go there packed than wondering if ‘today’ is the day.


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        My Obstetrician won’t let me go over 40 weeks for the same reason (I’m 39). Good luck tomorrow!!


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          40+ 1 day - being 40yo and induction

          I had an induction at 40+2 due to having mild GD my ob wouldn’t let me go over that & my DD was born at 40+5. I felt ok about being induced knowing that I (& Bub) we’re being monitored throughout the process. Goodluck to you

          Edit: I wasn’t in labour the whole time, I didn’t go into labour until early hrs Friday morning & DD was born at 2:45pm Friday arvo. My induction took a little while to work.
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            40+ 1 day - being 40yo and induction

            It is common for an induction due to maternal age over 37-38yrs. It’s to do with the placenta function deteriorating a little quicker in ‘older’ mums. Our policy is induction at 39-40 weeks for ‘advanced maternal age’. If it’s an uncomplicated pregnancy the induction is booked as close to 40 weeks as able. Some women want bub out at 39 weeks, others want to go as long as they can to try and go into labour themselves. It’s a discussion between you and your doctor to agree to something you’re both happy with. The main thing is to not fear the induction. They can still be an extremely positive experience. My only tip is to discuss the process in length with your doctor so you understand exactly what will happen/when etc. ie will you be induced using the gel, balloon or tape? Each of these has a different length of time before they will attempt to break your waters. Or will your doctor attempt to just break your waters (possible at 1cm but will depend on the length/effacement of your cervix and some other things too)? If you have a good understanding of the process it can help make it a good experience. We see so many (and I mean SO MANY) women come in for induction who have absolutely no clue what’s about to happen to them. They come in thinking that they’ll have a baby in their arms in a couple of hours. They don’t realize that the gel is given at least 6hrs to work before checking the cervix and may require a further dose or 2. A balloon catheter and cervidil tape are usually in for at least 12hrs before removal and attempt to break waters. Hopefully your doctor has given you some good info and you can help prepare yourself accordingly. I promise you can still have a good birth despite being hooked up to the monitor and a drip for your labour. If the hospital has wireless CTG monitors, literally the only thing you can’t do is hop in a bath.
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              Ive had 5 pregnancies in my 40’s and of those the first 3 I had no medical intervention at all regarding induction of labour, my pregnancies were text book, and baby was fine, I had been offered a stretch etc but declined as I had birthed before and rather my body do what naturally new what to do, they were all born by 40 + 5 with no problems. The other two pregnancies were, different as the 4th was a twin one and ended in a csection, I could have gone natural with the 5th but they wanted her here by 38 wks and I cook my babies to full term. If you have no problems like gd, and baby is fine I wouldn’t go for induction, they can check cord blood flow etc to baby, if they’re worried or have you come in every second day for monitoring, and you can do the kick count etc, personally I wouldn’t go over 41 wks, but would have if I was younger and bub was happy.