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40 and 12 weeks- to travel OS or not?

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  • 40 and 12 weeks- to travel OS or not?

    Hiya, after advice please. Am pregnant at 40 (yay!) but the opportunity has come up to go overseas when I'll be 12 and a bit weeks. It's just to the UK so safe and reciprocal medical care agreements. Had scans at 7 and 8 weeks and all growing well, no MS really just tired and eating loads. Have had 2 other early (4&6 week) MCs. Obs says it's fine to go as past the danger zone but open to thoughts please? To travel or not to travel? Am experienced traveller so not nervous re flying or anything.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd take advice of GP or Ob. If they say it's safe, they would know best.


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      I'd probably go but I'd certainly look after myself on the plane - lots of sleep, fluids and move around when awake. If my ob said it was safe then I'd feel pretty comfortable about going.


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        I'm 39 and 22 weeks with twins in a high risk pregnancy. I went OS at 20 weeks for a week after OB gave clearance to fly.
        I was a little nervous but the trip went fine. I did have people Round me to help with lifting my bag off carousels and into transport etc which was great.
        I did find food options were sometimes limited while travelling around but still manageable. I would also recommend making sure your schedule is not too hectic while you are away as you will get tired more easily.
        I would say if your OB is ok with it and your feeling fine then go for it.


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          Ask me last year, I'd have said yes.

          But I started miscarrying less than 24 hours after my overseas flight in January. Having a miscarriage overseas was awful, I would never fly while pregnant again.


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            I have two chem pregnancies so quite uneases about the idea of going oversea at 9w. It was a super long haul flight as well (15+ hr for second half of the flight). Everything was progressing well so Ob didn't see the reason of why not. The food and drink however were a bit of a problem with this particular airline. I got compressed sock, on clexane injection (which ob thought was important) and progesterone to prevent contraction for changing altitude. All good. I honestly was more worried about cosmic radiation. But the dose is small. I flew a lot last year......

            I am due to fly again at 29w. Again, I am also feeling nervous. Darn, they just don't schedule things when I am in second trimester. Boss says I can opt out but I haven't really traveled that much this year as compared to last to fulfil my duty. I said that I will play it by ears. So I think u can do the same just see how things go.


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              Hi there one thing to keep in mind the timing of tests you may wish to have like nuchal and bloods and ultrasound at around 12 weeks (if i have the timing of those tests correct). I think there is an ideal window of opportunity for that screening.