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How to celebrate my 40th with a 5mth old and 2.5 year old

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  • How to celebrate my 40th with a 5mth old and 2.5 year old

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wanting help. How do I celebrate my 40th with my 5 month old and 2.5 year old. I'm still tired with waking up at night to feed but I'm keen to have something at home without too much fuss. Probably a day thing - bbq or something. I want it to be a great for me and for everyone that comes. Give me some great ideas PLEASE.


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    Hi Karen!
    Congrats on turning the big 4-0!! You totally deserve a fantastic b'day bash!!
    A trend that seems to be going around my circle of friends at the moment is a drop-in party. You tell people to drop in anytime say between 1pm & 5pm (or whatever suits you) to help celebrate. That way you don't have one big rush of people, it's a bit less overwhelming for the kids & you get to spend better quality time with each guest. You just have to be organised with the food. Better yet, get someone else to organise the food!
    Or, you could have BBq lunch at a park to help keep kids entertained.
    The weather is warming up now, why not have a pool party? Do you know anyone with a pool?

    I hope you have fun whatever you decide!! Don't stress out & make sure you sak for help from your pals!!!

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      Thanks Becky for your advice - it was just perfect!!!! Love the idea of just an open time for everyone to come. Now we just have to work out all the food.



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        We had a party for 60 ( ) a couple of weekends ago.

        We had bbq, I made simple salads (good old lettuce/tomato etc), spuds in the oven with a bowl of sour cream & cheese. Some people bought salads too which was good. I also did a fruit platter (watermelon etc) and nibbles (bags of chips).

        All of this was pretty easy - dh is pretty useless with food, so he was in charge of looking after ds while I pottered around in the kitchen before the party. When the party started he organised guys to help with the bbq.

        We had a big rubbish bin with a lid in the backyard, and a large esky with drinks.

        Good luck, hope it is heaps of fun.


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          Hiya Miabonnie;

          This is similar but I came from a large family with heaps of kids so when we got married I didn't want a "formal" dinner or anything as people would have to leave early etc because of the kids etc.

          In the end we had the reception at my sisters house (huge backyard) and had a pig on a spit, salads, cold meat trays, fruit platters, nibblies etc and it was really casual, when the kids got tired they were able to go inside and sleep and they were in a safe environment and the parents could still stay as long as they want. It was also easier for people to bring and set up porta cots etc.

          Hope this helps, it was a huge success at the wedding and a great time was had by all