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Who is over 40 and pregant now??

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  • Who is over 40 and pregant now??

    I am 43 and pg with my 4th baby....anyone care to join me....

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    Hi sunshinebub I'm 42 and pregnant right now....10 weeks today


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      Congrats! Is your first or second etc?? I am 8 weeks tommorrow..looking forward to chatting!


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        I will be 40 by the time bub comes does that count

        This is my 3rd I already have 14month old twin boys.....

        This pregnancy was a total suprise but FANTASTIC one as we were told there was slim to no chance of ever getting pregnant on our own....

        The twins are a result of a long IVF journey so we are over the moon to be having this bub as it was a natural conception....


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          This is my first after two previous miscarriages, so am very excited and nervous at the same time


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            Congrats to you both sunshinebub and Helen

            I fell preggers naturally and totally unexpected to....had given up hope that it was ever going to happen....


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              I'm 39 and will be 40 when I have this baby.

              I was really blessed at getting pregnant too, it only took 6 months this time and to be honest, about 3 months of those were not very, um... timely???


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                Great stuff!! Glad to meet you all..Just my quick story.....I have 3 kids aged 9, 7 and 5..When my youngest turned 1 we TTC our 4th and last....we had 4 miscarriages and then after 3 years gave up.

                We bought a farm, started to build our dream house (which is still unfinished and we are living in a shed) and I started a great job.

                And on my 43 bday I found out I was pg....natural and a surprise. It has taken us a while to get used to the idea as we had given up hope and moved on.....and here we are!!!!


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                  I meant to also ask, when you guys are due. I am due on Feb 18...


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                    I'm due 2 February


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                      Hi ladies,

                      I met "the one" last October, bought a house Dec, turned 40 in March and dream job April, then wham bam...preggars! first time, due Jan 31st. Funny how life goes! dreading telling my boss but I am starting to show so will have to bite the bullett, friends and fam are estactic and have pressies already from MIL.

                      best wishes to all



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                        Just letting you know that I lost my bub last week @ 10 wishes to you all for your pg journey.....xx


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                          Hi all. After an early miscarriage in April, I unexpectedly fell pregnant only 6 weeks later. We make it to 12 weeks next week, and I'm nearly 43.

                          Sunshinebub, so sorry for your loss. Here's wishing you the very best of luck when you feel ready to try again.


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                            hi all great thread. I'm 39 but will be 40 when baby #6 is born mid april.

                            just joined the april group and looking at everyones ages, the next one to me is 30, so feeling very old right now


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                              I'm 41 and coming to terms with that fact that i've probably had my last baby (have 3 children), and as she grows, she's now 2 and a bit (although she tells everyone she is 5), i'm happy to see how beautiful she is turning out, but sad that these toddler years are my last. Part of the letting go of baby producing days is still fantasising about having one more. Physically I could still do it, but I don't think my DH is in the right head space. and that fact is important to the family dynamics. Although if i shoved a new born in his face - he'd be stoked and elated.

                              I know a few women who have had babies from 42 - 44 but not sure if its going to happen to me. having said that , we don't use contraception.....