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Does hitting 40 years of age make you ponder death?

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  • Does hitting 40 years of age make you ponder death?

    OMG 40 in 6 months. i am having a bit of mid life crisis (shh dont tell anyone hiding it from everyone LOL)

    but WTF we are going to be dead most likely within another 30-40 years..

    i think that sux

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    Yeah, as you hit 40 you do do some soul searching and pondering

    Dont let it depress you, just make your mind up to go out with a bang


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      Turning 40 did not have that effect on me at all. I had a young man hanging off my arm at the time and was TTCing so I can't say I really felt my age :-).


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        I looked at it a little differently. I took it as a licence to be myself and enjoy life.


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          Not too much of a worry for me. I too was TTC and didn't think too much about it.

          I'm 49 in 2 months and this is freaking me out a bit. Heck I'm almost middle aged, I plan on living to 101


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            Im feeling the same way! I will be 40 in november


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              thanks for all your responses. I find it a shame that it has taken me 40 years to figure out what i want to do with my life.

              hopefully i will live a long time yet to enjoy it.


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                I've thougth about death since turning 40 but also since turning 30 and 20 .. does it ever really leave us? I often think of this thing that haunts us our whole lifes but in the end it's all so pointless as with birth so will death come swiftly and with no real choice in the matter. I just wish I didn't waste any time worrying about it. As for me I'm 41 and thinking bout TTC number 3... crazy thinking that my husband is 69 this year... so be it. I won't let age rule me or be me. Fight it all the way. It's only a number and a state of mind.